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Topic: Kontakt version of GOS?

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    Kontakt version of GOS?

    Does anyone know when the Kontakt version of GOS will be out?



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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?


    We\'re hard at work at it. Because Kontakt has unique features, it is being programmed from the ground up - rather than a mere conversion. For instance, we do not need a separate standalone program, like MaestroTools, to do alternating bowing. We\'ll keep you posted.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?

    D\'oh! I just noticed this post after receiving my GOS lite version that I intend to use with Kontakt. Will there be anyway to upgrade/crossgrade to the Kontakt
    version when it\'s available? -thanks

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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?

    Hello. (new member). Dix, I\'m seriously considering buying GOS lite for use in kontakt - I\'d be very interested in any initial impressions you may have. Did you buy the giga lite version or the Akai? I\'m sure I read a post by Gary on cubase.net suggesting the Akai version for HALion import - does this hold true for Kontakt? I understand their next update will further improve giga import, though I guess no one knows how far yet.

    Also, I have seen the ads for a native Kontakt version. Is this just for the full library, or will there also be a native kontakt version of GOS Lite? as I\'d probably hold off until then. If one comes out later, would it be a paid or free upgrade for existing users? (hey - if i had loads of money , i\'d buy the full version!!)

    Thanks for any info. Back to lurking .... ( which around here is a pretty educational pastime).

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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?

    Nah. The lite version is 24bit too.

    Hopefully Gary will chime in here and tell what the difference between the Giga and Kontakt versions are.

    ..and how/if Lite owners can switch to Kontakt the version.

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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?

    Gary just emailed me saying there would be a \'generous\' up/crossgrade deal. Thanks Gary.

    No mention of the difference between the versions though.

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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?


    There is a way to import the keyswitching to Kontakt but it is highly impractical for non-Giga users. It involves using the Giga Instrument Editor to reduced the instrument count to no more than 16 instruments, converting the resulting file using Chicken System’s Translator to Kontakt format, and then making adjustments to the translation (primarily envelope settings) as needed. Obviously, this is not for the novice or someone who doesn\'t have GigaStudio to accomplish the necessary preparation editing. My best advice: wait for the next version of Kontakt and cross your fingers.


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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?

    Peter. I got the Giga version. The keyswitching does not import at all. That\'s why I was inquiring about the Kontakt GOS version. NI says 1.2.1 will definitely fix this though. Other than that the library sounds great. The velocity switching seems to have come across fine.

    btw NI was extremely helpful when I called and mentioned that they\'d been working extensively with Gary for the GOS Kontakt version.

    I\'m wondering what about the Kontakt version will be different than the Giga version.

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    Re: Kontakt version of GOS?

    Choc - durn those rotating banners [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] (pity theres no blushing smiley) - thanks for pointing it out .... grrrrr [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Dix - thanks v much for the info and quick reply! I guess I\'ll wait for 1.2.1 before doing anything. Hrmm - although the Kontakt version is \'coming soon\' apparently!!

    Maybe it will be the 24 bit version mentioned in the next post?? Or is JWB referring to a 16 bit lite to 24 bit full upgrade path? Me confused.

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