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Topic: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

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    Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    Ever since I downloaded the new version 2.01.36, I have been getting weird vibrato showing up on one of my tracks. I took a look at my midi distributed board on one of my songs and all of my controls are assigned to modulation now at 12 percent. It used to just be that the first control was set to modulation and the others were set to all types of others, not so anymore. They are all set to Modulation at 12 percent. Even when I set all of the controllers to zero and save the project, they still come up 12 percent when I open it again.
    I took a look at another one of my songs and it has the first control assigned to my sustain pedal. I never even used sustain pedal in the song or assigned it to that! Luckily the sustain pedal is set to zero, so I guess it means it is inactive. The rest of the controllers are all set to modulation at 12 percent again.
    Anyway, everything still sounded okay except on one of my songs on track 11. I got strong vibrato on my tremelo strings. I \'soloed\' them in Cakewalk to see if it was just me tripping out, but they were in fact vibratoing very heavily. The rest of my tracks are fine though. Very weird.
    I assigned track 11, to another track and now it doesn\'t have the vibrato problem. Ideas anyone?

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    Hi Demon:

    I am almost tired to explain -and looking for help- in this forum about this nasty vibrato-modulation problem. I will post again what I wrote on 12-26-2000 (+ a little edited):

    Apparently most customers have notice that problem, one way or the other. I hate tremolo since that is happening... and seems that finally someone at Nemesys accepted that it is a bug (see \"Our Nemesys\" in this forum from a few days ago)
    I love GStudio, but I need help, or is that a bug?
    Suddenly, with no reason, ALL MIDI CHANNELS at GStudio -specially noticeable in strings, choirs or pads (you will not notice that on a bass drum or hihat, but this does not mean that they may \"vibrate\" also)- starts an unwanted & nasty vibrato, sometimes a light one, and other -to many-, a heavy one. So I tried GS in a new, \"fresh\" computer. No sequencer. Only a keyboard attached. No mod messages from my sequencer or from my keyboard (mod set to \"0\"), but tremolo, yes I got it all. Where does it come from? Mystery.

    I discover something though -like you, Demon did-: in the midi control page on the GStudio, the first fader is assigned by default to \"Mod\". This fader, \"by default\" -nobody knows why- is leveled up at a 12 in every midi channel with no reason. Even if I, patiently, brought down every fader of every channel of every port (64 total) down, saved as default start page, and worked from then on, the same annoying unwanted tremolo-vibrato-mod comes up whenever you are in the middle of your inspiration, with no reason. ¡Who likes that!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help,


    Note: I have downloaded the last version .36 of GStudio and I own a Dell Pentium III 1GH with 526 RAM, WindowsME; SoundScape Mixtreme card and Logic Audio.

    Demon: this vibrato thing happened to me in every version I had downloaded of GStudio, and also in the earlier Gigasampler.

    Good luck

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    I noticed the mod controllers are all selected on my midi control board to 12 also! It used to be just the first controller was set to 12 and the rest were set to all different types of others like foot, sustain, FX, etc., but these were set to zero.
    Also, some of my songs have different controllers saved now and I didn\'t even save them like this. For instance one of my songs used to have the mod controller on channel one as I said before at 12, but ever since I downloaded the new update channel ones controller is now on foot in my song! It did this to other songs also, but asigned sustain pedal to channel one in another song on the midi control board. I sure hope this gets fixed, it is annoying.

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    I have also been reporting this bug for some
    time now. If you checkout the post: Our Nemesis, Jbibbo has confirmed that there is a Vibrato bug which I am sure is almost certainly related to the weird unexexplainable problem you are now experiencing.
    Maybe someone can confirm this !!

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    Same un-wanted vibrating sounds problems here. it gets into the bass tracks, sounded so funny!
    Anyone has the workaround for it?
    Best regards,

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    I\'ve had aftertouch that was controlling instrument crescendos on some sounds cause vibrato on other tracks. I converted the aftertouch to a different controller which in this case was Controller 04. The vibrato disappeared. The aftertouch had been sent out on its on MIDI channel but was causing problems on other channels.

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    Thanks to King Idiot, I believe Nemesys have finally been able to replicate the fault and are looking into it.

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    Damn Right!!


    anyways, this might be 2 seperate issues tho, since it only began to occur for Damon once he upgraded to the new version.

    Damon, do the controllers looked like they are mapped oddly when you start a default setup in Giga?

    The Vibrato issue may be the \"old\" vibrato bug that Nemesys is looking into. Are you using Vibrato on ANY tracks during that section? If so, then its prolly the \"old\" bug. as for moving the track I\'m not sure why it stopped if its the \"old\" bug, unless the note on triggers moved back or forward a little. Also there are possibly more variables/causal events to get the \"old\" vibrato bug to show up. I\'m going to spend some time tweaking out on it to see if there are any odd variables. Whenever I get around to actually Installing and Registering GS on my new puter.....I\'ve just been lagging on it like a comlete JACKASS

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    Yes King. My midi control surface has changed a little. My first controller is set to modulation at 12 percent. Which has always been this way, but 3 of them are set to GPC or something like that and is up to 120 percent. It used to just have my first controller set to mod at 12 percent and the rest were all at 0 percent. Now I\'ve got some controllers up to 120 around tracks 11, 12, and 13. I\'m not having any problems though anymore. I did just finish defragging my C drive when these problems came up, but they seem to have stopped for now.
    I didn\'t use any vibrato in any of the tracks either, but that problem seemed to stop now as well.
    I do however get huge increases in volume when just leaving Gigastudio idle! I had a drum set loaded in last night and I wasn\'t even playing anything and I didnt have my sequencer opened either and my volume in Gigastudio kept shooting up to 127 for no reason without me even touching anything! I\'ve always had this problem though and really wish it would stop. It\'s so annoying to have a tracks volume max out at 127 and scare the crap out of ya!

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 02-14-2001).]

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    Re: Weird vibrato changes in Giga 2.01.36

    ya know it sounds like the volume thing could be a dirty/dusty MIDI controller, or Bad MIDI cable. Stuff like that happens a lot of the time because of bad cables/dust. Is there a MIDI I/O light on your interface? If so, keep an eye out for Input signals that you dont do...that might help you narrow down the prob.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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