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Topic: garritan and halion

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    garritan and halion

    ive been reading some of the threads on other sites and there are some that imply problems! when using gos with halion.
    ok, what if i use cdxtract to convert all the garritan gigga to halion or akai onto a separate hard drive. would i then be able to import the programme fxp files without having to tweak anything.

    does this make sence????

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    Re: garritan and halion

    I had imported some brass and choir akai libraries into Halion and had to re-make all the banks from scratch. That\'s a big enough pain that I only make a bank when I need to. It appears as if Halion can import .gig files, which should save a lot of time, but I question Hals ability to perform things like routing crossfades to the modwheel, and routing different dynamics to keyswitches. Also, I\'d look into Hals ability to work with Maestro Tools. I cant answer any of these questions...hehe...but I can ask em pretty good [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    *EDIT: I mention this because some GOS .gig files require these things to function as intended, so if Hal can\'t do these things you\'ll be missing out on some of the functionality GOS offers*

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    Re: garritan and halion

    HALion\'s Giga importing is indeed somewhat basic at the moment, however the imminent release of version 2 will apparently tighten things up.

    more at http://www.steinberg.net/en/ps/products/upcoming/halion/index.php?sid=0

    Don\'t know about HALion & Maple / Maestro though either...

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    Re: garritan and halion

    I have had big problems trying to use GOS on halion. Some samples simple don\'t load. Sometimes Halion (on the latest version) crashes during import, sometimes half the keys don\'t even play any notes.
    GOS simply does not convert very well into Halion.
    Do people recommend using chicken sys translator rather than native Halion?

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    Re: garritan and halion

    See other thread. (Translator is more reliable but misses the dimensions etc.) We are improving it this week.

    HALion I doesn\'t have the modwheel crossfades that make the EXP instruments work well. But of course you want the keyswitches to work.

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