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Topic: Midi controller question/Maestro tools

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    Midi controller question/Maestro tools

    Hello fellow GOSers,

    I have a question regarding types of midi controller keyboards for use with GOS using maestro tools. Currently I have only a 61 note midi controller (getting an 88 soon). I have been trying to use some of the auto-alternating files, but when I try to do the key switch nothing is changing (i.e. alternating up and down bows). Even when i transpose the keyboard down and octave or two so that the switch keys would be available.

    In the documentation there is a line that reads, \"Auto-alternation modes are for use only with Alternating Keys instruments\". Does that mean that there are some midi keyboards made that have special keys for this function? Or am I misinterpreting it?


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    Re: Midi controller question/Maestro tools

    Your misinterpreting it, \"alternating keys instrument\" are the different string samples which is sampled up and down strokes, they are not talking about your midi instrument.

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    Re: Midi controller question/Maestro tools

    THANK YOU! Now it makes perfect sense.

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