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Topic: A 'Lite" question.

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    A \'Lite" question.

    As i understand, the Lite version has two velocity levels, mp and mf. I am thinking to create two instruments of a sample, one at the top level of mp, one at the top of mf. Then keep a constant velocity always adjusting their relative \"volume\" in the mix with CR 11.
    Is this a good idea in the light of sound quality?
    What is the \"design\" velocity of mp and mf, if there is such?


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    Re: A \'Lite" question.

    When the two sounds are mixed, you will get a chorus effect, which isn\'t necessarily bad, since this is an ensemble library. Give it a try. For solo libraries, the mix brings you between a quiet solo player and a loud solo player with two players in the room during the transition. Once again, not a bad thing, if that\'s the sound you\'re looking for.

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