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Topic: Logic layer for GOS question

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    Logic layer for GOS question

    First i would like to thanks Mr. Roman Beilharz
    for his impressive layer for Logic.
    i am currently using it with Logic 6.0 and EXS24 MK2 . Althought i think it was design for giga users working with logic the layer emulating maestro tools works well for the basic tools i.e. : ALT, Legato , Keyswitches . but i have to say that up to now i have not been able to get the VIB or VIB mw file to work on my system.Is it because of the faulty exs24 translation of them or am i doing something wrong.

    Any thoughts?

    Jean-pierre Brie

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    Re: Logic layer for GOS question

    Hi Jean-Pierre,

    I am glad to hear that you like my layer. I have no experience how it performs with Logic 6.0, since I am a PC-user and stuck with 5.5. To be honest I never tried a conversion of GOS into EXS24II, because I am happy to have it running on Giga. As you mentioned, my layer has been designed to control an external sampler such as a Giga-rig and some of its features will not be very helpful using the EXS24II. Interesting to hear, that the main functions seem to work properly - Great! For \"VIB\"-patches you don\'t need the MTools-layer, so I think your problems derive from the Giga-import of EXS24II. Doesn\'t anyone know how the GOS-features behave when getting imported? Tom?

    All the best


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