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Topic: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

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    The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    A hearty thanks to Jeff Hurchalla for the new goodies in the latest version of Maestro Tools.

    The radio button switching and octave slider are nice touches. The feature I am using with virtually any library now is the pseudo legato feature. Every time I plug it in, I\'m reminded of the countless and mindless hours I used to spend tweaking \'overlaps\' between consecutive notes in a legato passage to do precisely what this nifty little tool does. Now I just turn it on and move the slider to taste.

    This is good stuff, Jeff. Thank you.


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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Hm, maybe there\'s a manual I missed somewhere. What\'s pseudo legato and what does it do? How does it work ?

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Hi Sam,

    Check section IV (page8) of the manual that came with the latest GOS updates. Or, simply open Maple and load Maestro for a given channel, the Maestro page is pretty self-explanatory.

    Pseudo legato is a mono-mode legato aid. When activated by the sustain pedal, the tool adds a delay to the MIDI note-off command. The amount of the delay is adjusted by the slider on the Maestro page.

    I use this now with virtually any instrument or section playing a legato passage, and it saves a bunch of time and often improves the result. Otherwise, I\'d be doing this manually, like in the old days.

    Try it, you\'ll like it!


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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Originally posted by MDesigner:
    Hm, maybe there\'s a manual I missed somewhere. What\'s pseudo legato and what does it do? How does it work ?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">If you haven\'t installed Maple Tools yet, make sure to read all the docs before you do as it can be tricky.

    If you have installed Maple Tools, do the following:

    In the left window; Expand \'Port 1\', then
    Expand \'Channel 1\'
    (You could do this with any and all channels and ports.)

    In the \'Effect Name\' drop-down list in the main window, select \'Maestro Tools\'.

    Click in the \'Mono\' check box near the top left in the main window. This will activate the \'Additional Functions\' section at the bottom of the main window (they\'re grayed out until Mono is selected).

    Now you should have slider controls showing for Pseudo-EXP and Pseudo-LEG. You should be able now to use patch type \'Any\' (by clicking the \'Any\' radio button) and apply legato to whatever you want.

    Jeff is a genius, and a swell guy for providing this.

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    I tried this out on the GOS cellos susV EXP sample. It doesn\'t seem to want to work for me. In fact, it makes the cello lag even more between notes. Am I doing something wrong?

    I have the following checkmarked: Mono, Enable Sustain, no alternation samples, patch type \"Any\", Pseudo-EXP, Pseudo-LEG (tried various levels all the way to 127).

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Hi Trond,
    Glad you\'re getting into it. You\'ve certainly earned any timesaving after the \"interesting\" time we had getting Maple and Giga working on Win98.

    The one person who deserves a big thanks here is Roman - I terribly overlooked putting a proper credit to him in the Maple UI, and hopefully you\'re reading Roman, thanks again. Most of the new Maestro features come directly from what Roman did for VirtualMT for Logic, and from him showing me the important features.

    Trond, I\'m now getting a stay in Orcas too - could you send more chocolate mints? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Thanks for some of the explanation z6- yeah it\'s not as straight forward as the old Maestro, but on the plus side it\'s lots more flexibile and it\'s the only way the new Maestro features would have fit on the screen [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    The psuedo-legato feature delays the note-offs by however many milliseconds you set in the interface. It works only in mono mode. So for example, if you set 100 ms for pseudoleg, then play a c4 and then a d4 while the c4 is still sounding, the c4 will play for 100 milliseconds into the start of the d4 and then cut off. This achieves a blending (legato) effect between the two notes. You can increase the blending effect by increasing the time setting, say from 100 ms perhaps you want 200 ms of blend time.

    The Psuedo-EXP is very cool, though it\'s a little less obvious what it does. This feature comes very definitely from Roman and what he\'s done in Logic Virtual MaestroTools. Basically, you can play any instrument at all in the same way as you do a of the GOS EXP instruments, with similar benefits. Just as with EXP, you can use this function to control dynamics/timbre. You use it for the same sort of reasons as you would use standard midi expression (CC11), but unlike cc11, both PsuedoEXP and real GOS EXP change timbre with the dynamic level.

    I\'m geting too big a head z6, you must stop now :!

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!


    Finally had a chance to play with the New Maple MaestroTools. This is an excellent upgrade with some cools features. I like the layout! Time to start using it in my new pieces.

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Hi Sam,
    This is probably going to sound stupid for me to say, but first verify that the familiar Maestro functions are working first. You can click the mono checkbox and it should be pretty obvious if that\'s working or not. Probably I don\'t even need to say any of that, so..

    If you check \'mono\', and also \'enable sustain\' (which doesn\'t matter if it\'s checked or not in this case), and choose patch type of \'Any\', you should be in a good situation to be able to set up Pseudo-Legato. The PseudoLeg, slider should become selectable (not greyed out), and I\'d suggest for you to set a really long time such as 400 ms. If you have the slider at 0ms, the pseudo legato effect is entirely off. I think at 400ms you should be able to tell that the note-offs are being delayed. Once you can tell that it\'s working (hopefully!), try a smaller value (or larger if you want) til the delay time for note-offs suits your taste.

    There are some inherent problems with the PseudoLEG approach and the old manual approach it tries to replace (timing related since your note-offs are blending into note-ons) but it doesn\'t sound like this is what you\'re having troubles with in your post. I\'m pretty sure if it\'s working, you\'ll find that the volume level between notes smooths out- though whether or not you\'ll like this particular smoothing effect I don\'t know.

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    Re: The New MaestroTools - Good Stuff!!

    Wow. Maple Tools did some very odd stuff. I loaded up the 1st Vln Grand Detache. Plays as expected. I load up Maple Tools, turn on Mono, Sustain, and Pseudo-LEG. At that point, I can\'t hear the violins playing anymore. Dragging the pseudo-LEG slider doesn\'t help. I turn off Pseudo-LEG and I can hear them now, but they\'re very quiet until I restart GigaStudio.

    Something odd is going on here. Any ideas?

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