Jeff has recently received an Emmy Award for his score for \"Peggy and Dorothy\", a documentary about the 2002 Olympics profiling the lives of Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hammil. We are honored that Jeff used the GOS string library and GigaHarp in the music to \"Peggy and Dorothy\".

Jeff also does the music for the ABC hit series Monk, wrote the scores for \"Pollack\" and TNT\'s \"Door to Door\", and is now writing the score for \"In The Realms of the Unreal\", a feature by Acadamy Award winner Jessica Yu.

Jeff Beal was kind enough to grace the Northern Sounds forum with an Interview last October and answered many questions from forum members. You can read Jeff\'s Interview here. Here\'s a link to a demo from the movie: Overcoming Odds. You can visit Jeff\'s website at to hear more.

Good going Jeff!