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Topic: All Hail The King

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    All Hail The King


    Thanks for the updates!


    Thanks for your hard work. I am really enjoying those cresc/decrs, as I like to use this articulation in my writing quite often (usually with tremolo and mutes on). However, you have saved me a bit of time now that I don\'t have to draw in the perfect automation swell and mask it with verb.

    Thanks again your highness!


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    Re: All Hail The King

    Hi KingIdiot,

    This seems like a logical thread to pick up my question about the impulses for your new strings. The manual implied that your impulses should be used in addition to the Lincoln Center impulses. Is this correct, I mean the \"in addition to\" part?


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    Re: All Hail The King

    I haven\'t checked the actual update yet, so I\'m not sure.

    But, What I found works nice is a bit of a combination of the Impulse from the last update on one FX buss, and a little bit of my new one on another FX buss. NOT chained together, but running side by side.

    The impusle from the last update adds a nice \"stage\" sound, while the impulse I created is fairly wet and ambient.

    I also tend to use only my reverb if I\'m gonna choose one...but its a particular sound I like (trying to mimic Reverbs in some hollywood soundtracks).

    Mind you I still find problems with impulses and positioning. Things dont really respond exactly the way I\'d hoped in the impulses, but they give a nice sound.

    I think I\'d have to design specific impulses for each section, and I\'m jsut too damn tired of this stuff to create 20-30 impulses (variations of wet/dry) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: All Hail The King

    actually, Thats all Tom and Gary [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I only worked on \"king\'s Strings\" and specific impulse files I made for those strings

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