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Topic: Does GOS rule?!

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    Does GOS rule?!

    I have GOS and using the library is an absolute joy, now with the \"king strings\" and the like does this make GOS the best strings library? From what I\'ve heard from the competitors I think it does - any thoughts anyone?

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    Re: Does GOS rule?!

    Superb to begin with, it just keeps getting better because of Gary\'s deep commitment to continued support and improvement. It doesn\'t get any better than that.


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    Re: Does GOS rule?!

    no [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Does GOS rule?!

    King\'s just shy. That happens when you spend your life in a studio. I really want to hear a dynamic composition done with the Vienna library. I HIGHLY doubt it can match the expressiveness of GOS, nor it\'s virtuosic (is that a word?)character, but without hearing it I can\'t say for sure.

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    Re: Does GOS rule?!

    I\'m not sure if these demos do the library justice, but at least you can get an idea how they stack up to GOS.


    I for one would love to hear impressions from guys using these librarys on a daily basis.

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