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Topic: KI Strings most excelemundo

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    KI Strings most excelemundo

    King, I gotta say your KI strings are very, very useable. I\'m finding that I can (ye gads) set the Full Strings w/Bass EXP patch for *all five* string sections on the first draft, and comp with MUCH less distraction and tendency to drop the \"inspiration\" part in order to tweak the string sounds \'cause something or other just don\'t sound right.

    With the KI patches one knows he\'s got cleaning up to do later, but these patches are flexible enough and responsive enough to allow one to go on without undue time spent tweaking.

    The cool part is that I bet lots of folks will find the KI Strings patches perfect for the final mix, esp. if they\'re writing pop. YOU RULE, MAN!!!

    ...now, as for the RAM versions, I\'m getting pretty excited the more I hear of them...they sure do relieve my poor ol\' single CPU setup of a lot of work, yet sound very, very good. [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Andy and Dave, I\'m in your orbit. Shine on, O Suns of Musicianship and Technology!

    And as for Maple Tools...seamless. Transparent. MUCH more powerful yet easy to use than the original Maestro Tools. Your programming skills are amazing, Tom. Simply amazing. Not just because of the functionality you\'ve added; it\'s the program\'s EASE OF USE combined with the additional power that impresses.

    IMHO, this single update adds at least $200 to the retail value of GOS. Gary, you oughta put some of these guys on retainer. I\'ve withheld adding a Solo Strings library to my arsenal for one reason: I\'m waiting for yours.


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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo


    I’m glad you are enjoying the updates. Thanks very much for the compliments. There’s some confusion concerning who did what to whom on this update. Let me see if I can sort out the things you mentioned: King, as you said, did the much appreciated Hollywood Strings. Jeff Hurchalla is the MaestroTools guru – and his programming skills are indeed amazing. All I did was give him a hand double checking functionality since he programmed the MT update while he didn’t have any access to GigaStudio (he was travelling) – think about that one for a minute! I programmed the reduced RAM versions of the library (with input from Dave Govett) and Andy Brick got to play around with them first!


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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo


    Glad you dig them. All your thoughts on how they could be, are being, and should be used... are exactly the reasons I created them.

    They are first designed to be good for working out the basics, and sometimes being enough for full orchestrations. Then use the original GOS or other string patches to \"Fix\" areas where you need more articulations.

    Thx for the comments. Its really nice to hear that people like these.

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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    ...\"Jeff Hurchalla is the MaestroTools guru – and his programming skills are indeed amazing. All I did was give him a hand double checking functionality...\"

    Oops, my apologies to Jeff and yourself. Ouch.

    Nevertheless, my highest regards to you, and Jeff, and Andy, and Dave,...is it just me or are there a lot of folks worth admiring on this forum?


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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    I haven\'t heard SI, but I have everything else....

    ....and the Hollywood Strings are definately my new FAVORITE strings ever.

    I don\'t say that lightly. These are beautifully realistic for sustains, very expressive but not over the top. They just plain sound REAL.

    Thanks for breathing a whole new life into my string lines.


    I only got to use them on the last 2 cues for Angel, but there is next season. PLUS I will be using them on Daffy Duck during the summer: they make it sound like I have a real string orchestra at my disposal.


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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    Hi Robert,

    I\'d be curious to know which of the KI String articulations you find the most useful in your work ...

    I\'m gonna try the tip from above to use the Hollywood Full strings patch for composing, that does sound like a time saver.


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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    Hey, I\'m interested in what people are using too. I think the KI stuff is fantastic for soft-medium volume passages, and perhaps loud agressive passages. I haven\'t figured out how to do loud legato passages or short bow sections--I\'m assuming the best way is to layer original GOS patches.

    Any advice on the best way to fully utilize all of the patches now available is great. I try to know every patch in my library, but GOS alone has so much now that it is hard to stay on top of it all! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    Jameih, I based these on a couple of William\'s scores. The Forte stuff is made for more of a \"lush\" sound rather than very agressive. Tho I think adding some bow noise in with the seperate bow noise patch may add some grate.

    Its possible that layering some Sonic Implants SS forte samples may do the trick tho. I find those to have a nice grate in the forte\'s

    I think these new KI strings really work more for lush and sweeping melodies. Agressive is really a matter of playing style and sequencing I think. Gimme a reference cue and I\'ll see if I can go through the backlog of memory with the boatload of string libs I have and see if anything clicks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    King, my use of the word \'agressive\' was probably a bit off--I was mostly referring to the attack on the forte samples, which is pronounced. I was having trouble playing loud passages that were legato because of the attack.

    However, I only just installed the update last night, so I only played around with them for an hour or two. I\'m sure I have lots to learn. They sound great!

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    Re: KI Strings most excelemundo

    King, you were saying that you intended the KI Strings for Williamsesque sweeping melodies. I\'m still getting to grips with the KI Strings and I\'m trying to recreate the love theme from Star Wars Episode 2 (\"Across the Stars\" I think it\'s called). Would you use mainly the 1st Violins EXP & Attx4 for the quicker notes in the melody and, say, the 1st Violins EXP for the longer notes in the melody?

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