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Topic: King's Impulses

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    King\'s Impulses

    Firstly I\'d like to say that the updates are great - the King Strings in particular are inspirational to use. I haven\'t had a chance to use the King\'s Impulses yet, but I was wondering if King could explain the difference between each of them and in what context each should be used.

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    Re: King\'s Impulses

    They\'re really only there for peoples different tastes.

    some people dont liek to have completely wet signals and then mix them back in with dry signal

    As well, the whole dry/wet signal ratio is with EQ.

    If I were to give you only wet then the impulses would be quite a bit different than the signal chain I used, if you mixed in your own dry signal.

    I honestly rushed these, they aren\'t identical to my signal chain, due to some weir issues in capturing the impulse. Its quite close but not perfect.

    As well, these impulses are just stereo captures of stereo input. In my signal chain I\'m allowed to move the input from lef tto right to get more placement, and a more controlled response. I may make an impulse for each of the string sections at some point. I\'ve still got to do some more sound design on my own mix before I commit to that tho.

    I\'ll post some ideas and tutorials later when I get down to it.

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