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Topic: Maestro/Maple problems still..

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    Maestro/Maple problems still..

    I made the mistake of installing the old Maestro Tools and then installing the new Maple tools. Now, I\'m unable to uninstall the old MaestroTools. I\'m running WinXP. When I attempt to uninstall, I get this error:

    Couldn\'t open installable driver DLL

    I\'m trying to uninstall it because I think it may be causing problems with my current installation of Maple. For instance, when I try to use the pseudo-legato, the instrument volume drops considerably, and I have to restart GigaStudio to fix that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Maestro/Maple problems still..

    Hi Sam,
    I\'ve just sent you an email with an uninstaller patch which should take care of the uninstall problem. (Anyone else who is unable to uninstall, please send me an email to jeff at marblesound.com).

    Unfortunately the presence or absence of the old Maestro won\'t make any difference how Maple works. If you\'re using the pseudo legato feature, it doesn\'t manipulate volume or cc11 at all, so I\'m not sure what\'s causing that. Pseudo EXP does however make cc11 changes, but that feature is unavailable whenever you use PseudoLeg. I might need more details about the setup or how it happens, since I\'m not sure right now what would be causing it. Best wishes-

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