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Topic: Garritan in Kontakt

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    Re: Garritan in Kontakt


    Kontakt has a Giga import function but not all features will be successfully ported automatically. In general, basic instrument constructions can be imported reasonably well, more complex constructions (like EXP) cannot. Some things can be reconstructed in Kontakt to be functional if you are willing to get in and learn the edit section of Kontakt. Each version of Kontakt gets better at accurately importing Giga features but will likely never reach perfection because the architectures of the two platforms are fundamentally different. You might also try a third party application like Chicken System’s Translator to achieve better import results – that is being constantly updated as well. The pending native Kontakt version of GOS will not be a direct port – even the sample pool will be somewhat different from the Giga version and the programming will be very different. A crossgrade will be offered to registered users.


    P.S. You should have 20 discs, not 18, counting the latest update.

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    Garritan in Kontakt

    I\'m switching to Kontakt and I have the 18 CDs GOS lib for Giga... what can I do with it?... Is there a set of .nki files to translate it correctly ?...

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