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Topic: Wannabee Maestro... advice pls!

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    Wannabee Maestro... advice pls!


    I\'ve just bought GigaStudio 96 and would love to get stuck into Garritan Strings. I have a Carillon PIII 867 w 512RAM. I have just found out that my RAM limit is 512 and I cannot afford to upgrade the motherboard, etc. SO... can I still use Garritan Strings with 512 RAM? I will be using GigaStudio in standalone mode as I will be piping the audio into a Pro Tools rig so I don\'t need to run a sequencer on the same PC... also - I doubt I\'ll need to do huge banks of strings at one time cos I can record stuff into PTs piece by piece..

    so for my purposes is 512RAM enough??

    I\'m using Win XP Home Edition by the way.


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    Re: Wannabee Maestro... advice pls!

    I\'ve used GOS with 512 RAM. It ran very well. The only thing undesirable was the long load times...

    Also, with things such as the EXP REL gigs, you may find that you max out your poly limits rather quickly with Giga 96. (they eat up mine pretty fast)

    Home Edition is fine.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Wannabee Maestro... advice pls!

    Thx Ben

    I\'m gonna order my copy now :-)


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    Re: Wannabee Maestro... advice pls!

    Also, there are half and 1/3 memory usage patches in the new update!

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    Re: Wannabee Maestro... advice pls!

    even better news!

    My copy is coming tomorrow :-)

    Can\'t wait...


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