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Topic: Forcing instrument numbers

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    Forcing instrument numbers

    I\'m brand new to GOS, and I\'ve been trying to force instrument numbers in GigaStudio, but strange things are happening. I\'ll give you an example, showing you the exact steps I took and the results:

    1. Load the instrument 1st Vln Harmonics 1

    2. In the Loaded instruments page, right-click the instrument and select edit, opening the instrument editor.

    3. Open Instrument properties by double clicking 1st Vln Harmonics 1.

    4. Change the patch number from 6 to 125

    5. Close the Instrument editor an save the changes to 1st Violins Additional Techniques 1

    6. Unload all loaded instruments

    7. Reload 1st Vln Harmonics 1

    When I do the last step it shows up as 1st Vln Harmonics 2 in the loaded instruments panel! Furthermore if I load 1st Vln Harmonics 2, it shows up as 1st Vln FX. It always loads the instrument preceding the one I select for all the instruments above the instrument whose patch number I change. The instruments below that instrument (such as the 1st Vln Trills) load properly. In fact, the only way I can load 1st Vln Harmonics 1 is to reload the whole 1st Violins Additional Techniques Giga file.

    How do I get around this?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Forcing instrument numbers

    Have you tried rebuilding the QuickSound database?

    In Giga, right-click your Giga drive and select \"rebuild entire database\" (or something to that effect), then click the button to make it happen in the dialog box that comes up.

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    Re: Forcing instrument numbers

    Thanks Jon. That did the trick.

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