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Topic: any thoughts on this comp?

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    any thoughts on this comp?

    Being completely in love with my GOS lite, I thought I\'d try another departure from from usual doom and gloom, heavy percussive, orc music. This is where I generally fall on my *** , but here goes. Thanks to Mr Willet for inspiring me to try a sonata format as an exercise for composition. Whether or not I adhered to his rules, I don\'t know, but here she is anyway.


    go nuts


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    Re: any thoughts on this comp?


    That\'ll teach me to post on a Friday in the summer [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: any thoughts on this comp?

    Hi Christianb,

    I\'ll give a listen when I get home.


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    Re: any thoughts on this comp?


    I promise I\'ll reply very soon [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (running out the door now)

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    Re: any thoughts on this comp?


    Try using some short bows in the very beginning. For example, at 0:17, that little lick is too fast for the string patch you\'re using..so try the short bows there.

    From 0:00 through 0:50 is great.. I can hear the developing of a theme there, which I like it a lot by the way.. that\'s a really solid, memorable theme.

    I have a bit of a prob with the stuff between 0:50 and 2:06. It kind of drags on too long for my tastes. It IS a nice diversion from the main theme though. Maybe there\'s too much going on.. maybe make that whole sequence a little less busy? Maybe I\'m on crack.

    The theme comes back again at 2:07.. perfect. I think the musical term is recapitulation, right? I personally would\'ve made the part at 2:07 big and busy. A nice, huge, energetic ending. Just my personal opinion though. That kind of ending would only work well if you were to make the 0:50-2:06 sequence less busy and softer. Since, however, that part is very active, your soft transition at 2:07 back to the theme works well. The key element here is contrast.. contrast that middle section with the ending. If the middle is loud and busy, make the ending a soft wrap-up. If the middle is tranquil, then end with a bang.

    Anyway, the above is all just my opinion.. take it with a grain of salt. It\'s a good piece and I like the cheery mood. Nice work!

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    Re: any thoughts on this comp?

    Hi Christian,

    I have to agree with Sam on this. Obviously, if you were scoring to picture and that \'lengthy\' middle section was there for a visual reason, then OK. But, if it\'s a demo, I also feel it drags on for too long. You\'ve written a lovely theme there and I think you need to come back to a variation of it sooner.

    Also, as Sam said, your choice of string articulations (if available in GOS lite) could be better for more realism.

    Looking forward to the final \'Mega production\'! I\'m going to unwrap my presents now!!


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    Re: any thoughts on this comp?

    Hi Christian,

    While the middle section is long I enjoyed the interplay between instruments. Thus the recapitulation with the main theme softer worked for me. I agree with the others that if this is a demo to get film work you\'d probably want to take the more conservative approach.

    I don\'t honestly know if GOS lite has the EXP instruments. If it doesn\'t I miss them here as the ability to program crescendos and diminuendos is crucial to building an expressive string part. If the EXP instruments are available then this piece could do with greater use of them.

    All in all it\'s an enjoyable piece and thank you for posting.

    Steve Chandler

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