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Topic: Short Bowing Technique

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    Short Bowing Technique

    Hi Gary (others),

    While the short bowing tutorial is excellent (has gotten me closer to the sound I am looking for) I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to tweak it just a tad more. Everything sound surperb on the lower range of the VLns but once I get to ,say, A4 things get a little \'thin and synthy.\' Can you recommend a fix (you mentioned something about EQ) Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    Re: Short Bowing Technique

    Try playing around with my \"Hollywood EQ\" from the latest update, then use a real EQ (soft or hard) once you have the idea.
    OBTW, I have been finding the tutorials VERY useful! I really like the slides toolbox one in particular. My only suggestion: keep the tutorials focused and simple. The midi example for the slides used about 12 tracks when the main point could have been made with just two tracks, with suggestions and a \"final verson\" midi file to show a tweaked example. Just a thought.

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    Re: Short Bowing Technique

    Hi Doyle,

    Good suggestion. I will give the Hollywood EQ an test drive. Many thanks.


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