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Topic: Layering GOS articulations... a common technique?

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    Layering GOS articulations... a common technique?

    I have GOS Lite and through advice here and other groups, I decided to start layering some of the violin and viola articulations in an effort to thicken their sound (Grand Detache & SusV, etc...). They sounded good for a while, but then the realization that these were possibly unnatural groupings started to really bother me. I don\'t pretend to know everything about string orchestra\'s composition but doesn\'t layering defeat the overall timbre of the instrument?

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    Re: Layering GOS articulations... a common technique?


    The affect of any layering you might do depends on the results you are looking for.

    If you\'re producing a piece to be heard only, (film/video music, game, etc) it doesn\'t really matter that you might have created a fantasy string sound with layering, ie. a sound that can\'t be reproduced in a normal string section.

    However, if your goal is to produce a demo or simulation of a work meant to be played by a real orchestra then you should be careful about the layering of sounds or any other alterations.

    As long as any modifications (layering, wave editing, etc.) create a sound closer to the sound produceable by a real orchestral section, then it really doesn\'t matter what tweaking was needed to accomplish this.

    Remember, these sampled instruments should only be thought of as approximations of the real thing. Some tweaking is almost always necessary to recreate the reality of the natural instuments.

    Your ear has to determine if the sounds you\'re creating match the sounds that a notated score would create with the authentic instruments.

    Some study into writing for solo instuments and their sections is invaluable in creating a reproducable notation score.


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