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Topic: KI strings update patches

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    KI strings update patches

    I know this is a bit late in the day so to speak but could anyone explain to me how the attx4 king strings are to be used - are there 4 attack responces in the instrument, and if so at what velocity is each one activated? So far I\'ve just used the EXP instruments and I absolutely love the sounds of these, so would like to be able to use them to their full potential. Lastly, has anyone made a demo using these patches yet?...Thanks, Doug.

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    Re: KI strings update patches

    Hey Doug,

    I\'m a bit busy right now so I cant respond in detail, but

    Basically waht I did was make four velocity splits to make for some intricate \"attack layering\" and phase coherent layering of samples I created outside of giga (which ended up being more than I needed to do, but will be neat for solo instruments)

    so the 4 split is made because there was three seperate samples (giga only handles even splits).

    Slow/normal - Natrual attack (somewhat hindered by giga\'s control, so the normal EXP files have a much more natural/slow attack).

    Adjusted/medium - Good for some legato movements. Not so long to develop the sustain.

    Agressive/Hard - For that accented attack on a sustain.

    There is also a slight bit of attack envelope control via velocity, so the switches aren\'t dramatic, they are \"faded\". There\'s alot going on in this instrument (inside and outside the giga environment)

    I was hoping giga 3 would be out soon so I could update it. Kontakt would allow me to do some of the stuff I wanted to with it. Damn you giga 2.5 [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


    basically the thing to remember is. The softer you hit the keys the softer the attack, the harder you hit the keys the harder the attack. Volume isn\'t affected by velocity. I\'ve found this to be very comfortable to work with with orchestral instruments. Its not very \"piano\" of course, but once you get out of that way of thinking its quite a nice instrument to have on hand. It can do alot without having to fool with keyswitches/etc...

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    Re: KI strings update patches

    Thanks King, this clears up a few things for me. I have to admit, the King Strings are a little tricky to master at first but the sonic potential is enormous. Looking forward to your next input to the GOS library!....

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    Re: KI strings update patches

    Yah, the strings are a little \"weird\" if you look at it from the poitn of view of \"standard\" sampling.

    I find that velocity response has been used very wrong for instruments like strings. When you listen to strings play they generally tend to \"develop\" their sound. They rearely sustain at one level constantly. the character, for me, comes in their attack, and then there sustain.

    This is why I find that velocity response controling \"attack intensity\" really works well, and using hte mod wheel to control dynamics of the sustain (or lack of dynamics) gives you the most control options in a \"single patch\" but still makes it playable.... instead of having to fiddle with multiple CC controllers to make the sound correct form note to note.

    here you fiddle with one (maybe two if you use CC11 on top of it)

    Obviously you dont get as much control as if you had multiple controllers, but it seems much more intuitive this way... and yes I did say INTUITIVE, there are a few people who would disagree with me because they are so used to velocity response, but I really urge tthose people to \"think\" about the strings and their performance when you play these patches. You\'re able to really make some great \"string player\" inflections this way, and still have a more \"natrual\" range of dynamics.

    As for more with GOS... hmm I\'m gonn atake break from this library for some time. I\'ve made the patches I will use for a while to come.

    *IF I DO ANYMORE ORCHESTRAL EDITS* I\'m going to spend more time on making some adjustments to VSL, and EWQLSO. As well as some cool things I\'ll FINALLY do to SISS in kontakt.

    Still I think I\'m done editing for some time. Its really time to get down to composing, and setting up my templates.

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    Re: KI strings update patches

    >Still I think I\'m done editing for some time. Its really time to get down to composing, and setting up my templates.

    King, you\'ve donated so much to the community that when you say you\'re actually going to take a break and do some of your own stuff, well, I\'d say it\'s about time.

    Go for it, man.

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