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Topic: some specifics?

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    some specifics?

    hi all,
    I\'m a GOS user for a year now. GOS/GigaStudio was my first venture in to smapling & PC\'s...I\'ve always (17 years) been live orch. & Mac. I have to say a year on that it\'s not been a good \"relationship\". I\'ve never been able to get GOS/Giga to produce \"broadcast quality\" results. So I use it for demos. Now, I acknowledge that it may very well be my own limited knowledge of using GOS and/or Giga, and a few attempts at getting help have been less than rewarding. Problem is, I just don\'t know *how* good GOS/Giga *ought* to sound? I think it\'s a great idea that many of you put samples of your work up here for all of us to hear. But it would be tremendously helpful if the poster could put up specifics about things like which patches were used, e.q. settings, etc.? I *know* this would be a helluva lot of work, but maybe Garry and/or some o the developers could do it? Then, folks like myself could set up identical sessions and (a.) see if we got similiar results and (b.) if not, try and find out \"why not\"?
    Or here\'s something that would be incredibly useful...take a piece, say the Barber Adagio, and have a number of GOS whizzes do a version of it and post their results along with their settings? Again, something that would allow struggling users like myself to \"benchmark\" our systems.
    Sorry for all the ranting. I just have a feeling that GOS/Giga has a *lot* more to offer than I\'m getting and I need to plot a course to get myself there.
    Bill Myers, composer

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    Re: some specifics?

    I think it would behoove you to post some examples of your work here as well. There are loads of tips you might get. I\'m putting something \"stringy\" up in the next day or two. GOS lite. Keep an eye out, if you like it you can pm me and I\'ll tell you what I used.
    ... But post away man.
    It might not be as bad as you think. As far as doing a Pucinni, I don\'t think I\'m your guy. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


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    Re: some specifics?

    Originally posted by williemyers:
    I need to plot a course to get myself there.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Bill,

    Thanks for your post. The world of sampling and Digital Orchestration is not easy. It requires work, education and practice - just like mastering any instrument. There is no specific way \"GOS/Giga ought to sound\". The library is unique to every user. It is the same with real instruments. I have heard the same violin played by two different people - and it sounds different. The same instrument(s) can also sound different when played in various concert halls and venues. The overall sound depends on many factors.

    GOS was designed to be flexible so the user can obtain most any string sound they are after. This sometimes requires using EQ, reverb or impulses, effects or special techniques. For instance: John Keane, who uses GOS in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has his own custom EQ settings. Jeremy Soule has special impulses he uses to for his blockbuster games and Jeff Beal, composer for Monk, does his own special modifications to get the sound he wants. Professional composers often know the particular sound they are after and have figured out how to achieve their sound.

    On the GOS site there are over 120 User demos submitted by over 40 people - by professionals and novices alike. As you can hear, the strings sound different in a variety of contexts. When possible, the patches utilized by the composer were mentioned. But I could see where more information would be helpful. When new demos are submitted I will ask the contributor for more specific information.

    In the support section there are Tips and Techniques you may find useful: http://www.garritan.com/support.html#tips There are also Tutorials that Tom Hopkins has written: http://www.garritan.com/support.html#tutorials We will be adding more Tutorials soon. In the updates are GigaStudio setup files Doyle provided to achieve a certain sound. There are also new patches and impulses in the Updates that add to the palette of sound.

    I like your idea about having many versions of the same musical piece and sharing their settings. Perhaps we can pursue this idea.

    We will do what we can to help you \"plot a course”. One way we can help is for you to call us (or we can call you) and we will take the time to help you get where you want to go.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: some specifics?

    For instance: John Keane, who uses GOS in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has his own custom EQ settings.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Gary, any chance of a \"Meet the Artist\" interview with John?

    I know he has done interviews with emagic and Native Instruments. He would be a very interesting read in regard to how he uses the GOS library (and everything else!).

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: some specifics?

    You wouldn\'t happen to be the Bill Myers from Chicago (for a while at least), would you?

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    Re: some specifics?


    Have you tried to use your live recordings and compare them to GOS versions track by track, section by section? Obviously not all orchestras sound exactly the same, including the sampled kind, but I find live references extremely helpful in determining proper sample choices, density of expression envelopes, which samples have a weak point, what\'s working and what is not, etc..

    Even with the newer generation of orchestral libraries the whole process is still one of the most frustrating and time consuming technical things I come across. I\'ve spoken to a number of high profile composers about this and some of them say they\'re lucky enough to have the means to hire staff so they can concentrate on the writing.

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