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Topic: A little help with Logic / EXS

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    A little help with Logic / EXS

    Hi folks,

    This is off topic, except that it was GOS that inspired my upgrade, and this forum has always been so friendly and responsive. I have been programming GOS in Logic 2.5 (!!) and decided I needed to get current. On a PC. So, scrounged a copy of 5.5 Platinum on ebay, and also bought \'new\' EXS24 on ebay - but, uh-oh, its not current (mkII), and I\'m out the cash. I need mk II to import GOS, right? How can I get my hands on it? Does Emagic even care about PC users anymore? Isn\'t the code for the plug-in part of Logic\'s code, anyway, and I just need to authorize it? I\'m so close to my dream of mobile GOS on my new laptop!

    A grateful novice,


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    Re: A little help with Logic / EXS

    Hey folks - delighted to have answered my own question on the Logic 5.5 upgrade page:

    EXS24 mkII for the Logic series

    Logic 5.5 provides support for the EXS24 mkII, the successor of the renowned Emagic Xtreme Sampler EXS24. The EXS24 mkII is a free upgrade for all EXS24 owners and will replace the EXS24. (The EXS24 Settings are 100% compatible with the mkII of course.)

    For detailed information regarding the new EXS24 mkII functions please refer to the separate EXS24 mkII ReadMe.

    Sorry to clutter up the board...

    Best regards,


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