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Topic: How to make maestro tools work

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    How to make maestro tools work

    Alright, there may be info on this somewhere, but it sure isn\'t very easy to find.

    Firstly, I\'m not even sure I set it up right. The manual doesn\'t say anything about maple. What is maple anyway?

    But, anyhow, I ran the setup for maple and then the setup for maestro tools. Now maestro tools is running as a plugin for maple. Is that right?

    But getting it to work is another matter. I\'ve been playing around with it for a few hours now and can\'t figure it out.

    Here\'s what I\'m doing.

    Execute GigaStudio
    Load an ALT sound into port 1 channel 1
    Execute my Sampler from Giga Studio
    Set the midi out for my sequencer to Maple Midi Out: Port 1
    Execute Maple
    Select port1, channel 1
    Select - Effect Name - Maestro Tools
    Select Mono
    Select ALT under patch type
    Select Keyswitch A0 Sets auto-alternation on

    Enter some midi notes in my sequencer and press play

    Nothing. No sound. I can see the litte \'Midi Rcvd\' button flashing away in Maple/Maestro Tools. But no sound.

    Now, if, on the other hand, I select NemeSys MidiOut: Port 1 in my sequencer (instead of Maple) I get sound through GigaStudio but no Alt notes.

    So what am I not understanding or doing wrong?

    I\'ve tried a variety of difference configurations but can\'t seem to get it working. Help!

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: How to make maestro tools work

    Give Gary Garritan a call and he\'ll get you going!

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    Re: How to make maestro tools work

    Or email jeff@marblesound.com he is the creator of both programs.

    I think that Maple is a more modern version of maestro tools, I\'m not sure that you need to have both installed. Could be wrong though. Email Jeff or ring Gary!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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