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Topic: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

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    Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    I was wondering...Is there an easier way to convert gigastudio / midi to waves, other than the recorder in the Giga application? I use Sonar 2.2, and it would really be helpful if I could convert numerous string parts to wave using something like the \"bounce to track\" command, without having to record the long way...recording each part one at a time, and have to listen to the whole thing.)

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    You may have to run external cables-I have motou mk II, and that\'s what I ended up doing-if you search-there was a discussion last summer on this-some guys have an audio card that will do it internally-some route it differently-but there is no simple command in Giga-unless Sonar 3 has some new tricks-

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    All of the Audiotrak (Maya 44, etc.) and Egosys (Waveterminal etc.) sound cards should come bundled with directwire, which should take care of any internal routing.

    You can also look into virtual audio cables like these:


    I believe there are freeware cables available, but can\'t remember where. Do a Google search.

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?


    Giga IMHO has a better sound engine than Sonar..Capture it in Giga then inport it into Sonar on a new Audio track. I do this all the time. Make sure you have a decnet sound card with plenty of inoputs and outputs. I use the Echo Layla24.
    Once you have all of the Audio tracks ready to be exported, export them to a directory and then consider using a program like Samplitude Professional to really dress up the audio tracks for a final mix.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    Thanks for the help everyone! I\'ll be sure to try all of the above.

    Do you think Sonar 3\'s audio engine will be better? I wish I had enough cash to try out the Samplitude Professional. I\'m still a poor student, and alas cannot afford to. But I do have a good audio card at least =)

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    Have to agree with Alan. I\'ve never been impressed by Sonar\'s audio. I always use Giga\'s capture, then transfer the wav files to Vegas 4 for mixing. Sonic Foundry\'s products have just about the best audio engine out there.

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    What in particular don\'t you like about Sonar\'s audio engine? I\'ve never had much of a chance to compare it to anything else.

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    It\'s probably more of a personal thing. Like preferring the sound of Winamp over Windows Media Player.

    Sonar\'s audio, for me, has a less distinct quality to it and very little breathing room. Sound Foundry (now Sony) audio seems more dynamic and spacious.

    If any of that makes sense to anyone but me. I\'m more instinctive than technical.

    Like I said, it\'s a personal preference.

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    Well this makes logical sense, since when you capture you go straight to disk. There\'s no routing through other stuff and no digital to analog to digital conversion.
    If you record it in Sonar as any other audio, you\'re recording an analog source. Obviously there\'s some added noise there, which may be entirely due to your hardware, not Sonar.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: Easy conversion to Audio with Sonar?

    If you have a Wami Rack, you can record from Giga to Sonar without using any wires. Digital-to-Digital transfer.

    See this thread.

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