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Topic: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

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    Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    Is this new, or has been around for a few years ?

    £156, including Kompakt.

    See more details posted in general sample library discussions.

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    Originally posted by andyt:
    Is this new, or has been around for a few years ?

    £156, including Kompakt.

    See more details posted in general sample library discussions.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I`m curious about this too .

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    Originally posted by andyt:
    Is this new, or has been around for a few years ?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">For whatever it\'s worth, Gary has been telling me over the phone for the last couple of weeks that a \"really big announcement\" was coming. This could be it.

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    I just checked harps.com. It also appears that a new harps sample CD is in the works.

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    ooooh ooooooohh oooooohhooooooohh!

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    scatch orchestra for my powerbook, finaly?
    could it be?


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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    I did a little google search and found this:

    \"Garritan Personal Orchestra: Berklee Edition
    Designed specifically for Berklee students, faculty, and curriculum and only available as part the bundles for Berklee\'s tech-heavy majors, Gary Garritan has created the Garritan Personal Orchestra: Berklee Edition (GPO). The special GPO: Berklee Edition is a complete orchestral sample library that contains instruments representing all families of orchestral instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. The library also contains a sampled Steinway Concert Grand Piano and a concert pipe organ. Sections and solo instruments are included in the GPO, all programmed in Kontakt to be highly expressive and playable through the use of MIDI controllers. Performance controls include expression, legato, attack, portamento, as well as others. Multiple individual solo instruments make it possible to create ensembles one instrument at a time.

    For information about other Garritan products, visit the Garritan website at http://www.garritan.com.\"

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    From reading the text on the page closer, it appears that it will be part of some of those bundles and only for sale to students in those programs. I imagine it is at those prices. The prices will be more expensive for people who are not attending Berklee.

    Hopefully there will be some word either way soon.


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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    If this is true it sounds as if it\'s just what the doctor ordered.

    Can\'t wait to find out more!!

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra ???

    This is traight from the Time + Space catalogue.

    \"Following the award-winning garitan Orchestral String library comes this brand new collection of orchestral samples from Gary Garritan. This really is a complete \"Orchestra for Eevry Musician\" that is elegant, easy-to-use and such great value. personal Orchestra gives you a complete orchestral sample library, sample player anda notatin package in one convenient library. ..... Personal Orchestra offers sounds and features not available in orchestral libraries costing over 12 times as much. [ed. which would those be then ???]

    Includes a complete symphony orchestra: strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion - instrumnets of the highest quality: a steinway concert grand piano, stradivari violin, wurlitzer and venus concert harps, haynes flutes, heckel bassoons, a Mustel celeste, a rudolf von beckerath conert pipe organ, a harpsicord and many other exquistite instrumnets. there are even multiple solo instruments. Everything you need to create orchestrations of any size. All programmed to be highly expressive and playable with standardized performance tools. Personal Orchestra lets you create ensembles of virtually any size from specially-designed solo instrumnets. This feature allows you to build string, woodwind and brass sections from two or more solo instruments.

    Personal Orchestra allows you to create realistic sounding orchestral music quickly, easily and right \"out of the box\". The controls are streamlined and standardized, so you can become familiar with the libary quickly. No confusion, no clutter and no steep learning curve. Just load an instrument and play ! personal Orchestra makes it easy to express your musical ideas swiftly and easily. And is compact enough to run on a laptop computer for the musician on the go.

    Personal Orchestra and the bundled Kompact sample player will run on MacOS and Windows platforms, either as a standalone program or as a plug-in (supporting VST, DXi, RTAS and OS X Audio Units). Personal Orchestra instruments will also load into Kontakt, Native Instruments flagship sampler, The ENTIRE orchestra can be loaded on a single PC or laptop and is designed to run on RAM. No disc- streaming required.\"

    This is available as a stand-alone piece of software. It is NOT just for Berklee students.


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