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Topic: solo and sections?

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    Re: solo and sections?

    GOS Lite is just sections, no solo instruments.

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    Re: solo and sections?

    so in the complete library there are the solos. Is there only one solo or is it possible for example for the violin to choose a Stradivari or a Gagliano or so on?
    Are the violins divided in sections like 2, 4 ,8 violins?
    In the website I couldn\'t find this aspects that I think are very important.
    thank you again

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    Re: solo and sections?

    Actually, I\'m not aware of any solo instruments in the full GOS lib either.

    Gary is working on a Solo lib I believe, plus a 24 bit version of the current GOS lib to be available in Kontakt and EXS24.

    I dont work for the company so please anyone, correct me if I\'m wrong!!

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    Re: solo and sections?


    To answer your question, I believe the sections were recorded using the following number of players:

    1st Violins - 12
    2nd Violins - 10
    All Violins - 22
    Violas - 10
    Celli - 8
    Basses - 7

    There are no solo sections in this library.

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    Re: solo and sections?

    ok thank you

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    solo and sections?

    I\'m thinking to buy a the GOS lite in akai format but I can\'t understand if there are sections and solos, and if the answer is yes, if it\'s possible to select as solo the various instrument recorded (Stradivari, ..).
    thank you

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