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Topic: Maple Update

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    Maple Update

    I\'ve been using Garritan on a project this week with extensive use of Maple. For some reason about every 40 minutes my computer will have a bunch of hung MIDI notes and the only way to fix it is to shut down everything and start then open maple, Giga, garritan again. This is VERY time consuming. I\'ve never had this problem until last week when I started using maple. So i\'m wondering if there\'s an update I don\'t know about that fixes this? I\'m using v. 3.05

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    Re: Maple Update

    Hi J.
    I can send you an update that will fix this problem for you - just send a mail to jeff@DELETETHISPARTmarblesound.com and I\'ll reply with that update. The problem appears so far only to have affected one or two lucky users [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] so I didn\'t catch it before release, although it\'s fixed now. Best wishes,


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