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Topic: Maestro Tools crashing Logic, won't uninstall

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    Maestro Tools crashing Logic, won\'t uninstall

    Hey Folks -

    OK, I goofed when I was trying to install the latest Maestro Tools from the update disks. I first installed the Maple version without Maple, not realizing that I actually had this Maple thing available as well. So, without Maple, I installed the older XP compatible version on top of the Maple version. Now, Logic hangs whenever I quit, whether or not I use Maestro. These are the only changes that were made in between Logic working, and not working. When I tried to un-install Maestro Tools, the Maple version un-installed OK, but the XP version won\'t uninstall - the uninstaller can\'t find a .dll file, and automatically re-installs.

    How can I clean out all of the Maple/Maestro stuff from .ini, registry, manually? I really need to see if this is what is crashing Logic, and if I can fix it! Otherwise, we may be looking at a system restore.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: Maestro Tools crashing Logic, won\'t uninstall

    Hi Eric,
    Try sending an email to me jeff@DELETETHISPARTmarblesound.com, and I\'ll email to you two files which allow you to completely remove Maestro and/or Maple. It looks like you got caught by a bug in the way I made one of the early installers for Maestro - if you overinstall as you did when you had that version, it could cause trouble when uninstalling. Anyway, just send an email and it should clear up the problems.

    BTW, once you are able to start over the install (using Maple I would presume, since it is the latest update), make sure you read the help file for Maple regarding Logic, if you haven\'t already. Logic is a great program but it does some unfriendly things with opening every midi device on your system by default (which can cause crashes - no fault of Maple this time), and the Maple help has a small section on how to deal with this.

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