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    We are pleased to announce a new orchestral package - Garritan Personal Orchestra. It is a complete orchestral library, sketchpad and toolkit.

    Personal Orchestra ships with its own sample player, Native Instruments\' Kontakt Player. Personal Orchestra will run on a Windows or Mac OS system, either as a standalone application or a plug-in (VST, DXi, RTAS, and Audio Units) to your favorite sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer 4.1, Nuendo, Sonar, ProTools, etc.). Moreover, Personal Orchestra instruments will load into Kontakt, Native Instruments\' flagship sampler. The package will also include GenieSoft\'s Overture SE notation program and Ambience Reverb. All this for just $249.

    Personal Orchestra contains samples of all the major instruments in a symphony orchestra-strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. It also includes a Steinway® concert grand piano, Stradivarius and Gagliano violins, Wurlitzer and Venus concert harps, Haynes flute, Heckel bassoons, a harpsichord, a celeste, a Rudolf von Beckerath concert pipe organ, and many other high-quality instruments.

    A major feature of Personal Orchestra is its flexible instrument design. You\'ll be able to construct ensembles and sections of various sizes from specially programmed solo instruments. Instead of limiting you to a predetermined section of instruments, Personal Orchestra provides multiple solo instruments of the same type so you can create sections appropriate for the musical context. If your music calls for three trumpets playing in unison, layer three unique solo trumpet patches to create a powerful trumpet section. If you need five French horns playing separate parts, assign five unique solo French horn patches to their own track to produce a rich sounding choir. The options will seem limitless.

    In the initial release of Personal Orchestra, all of the instrument sections, except for the strings, are built from individual instruments. However, you can even build smaller, more intimate string sections and ensembles from a solo stringed instruments. We have sampled numerous individual stringed instruments and expect to offer a complete string orchestra in the future, so you can build entire string sections one instrument at a time.

    The primary design goal of Personal Orchestra was ease of use. We wanted a library that would allow you to create realistic sounding orchestral music quickly and easily, right \"out of the box.\" No long and confusing lists of articulations, no complicated set of controls, and no steep learning curve. Just load an instrument and play. And it\'s compact enough to run on a laptop computer.

    The controls in Personal Orchestra are streamlined and standardized, so you can become familiar with the library quickly. This optimized system allows you to master all the instruments with relative ease and confidence. Advanced functions, such as alternating bow strokes and automatic variability, help you produce convincing sounding performances with minimal effort.

    We designed Personal Orchestra library to grow as your needs grow. More solo instruments, articulations, features, legato and interval tools, and enhancements will become available, so your initial investment is protected as technology progresses.

    The entire orchestra can be loaded on a single PC or laptop and is designed to run completely in RAM. Imagine doing orchestrations on the beach, on a plane or anywhere else you can take your laptop. Whether you\'re a professional composer who needs to produce orchestral mockups at a moment\'s notice, a hobbyist who wants to create great sounding orchestral music, or a beginning student of orchestration, Personal Orchestra will serve you well. This is an \"orchestra for every musician.\"

    We are now taking pre-orders. Personal Orchestra will be available from my web site www.garritan.com and various distributors. Please note that the above is subject to change We will post demos in the weeks ahead.

    Gary Garritan

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    Gary, this sounds like the answer to the maiden\'s prayer! I like the idea of expandability too. Is this the package that will make my Gigastudio vs Kontakt decision easier?

    How do you see the Personal Orchestra in comparison to the \'Advanced Orchestra\' which I had narrowed down to. (I haven\'t totally ruled out your Strings and GS bundle though.....if GS v3 comes out before the winter season!!)

    The only other trouble is that I have been collecting, but haven\'t used, a number of GS sample CD\'s...I wish I hadn\'t now!! ¦:^) (Now if only I was allowed to sell them...Oh no! not that old chesnut!!)

    I\'m sure you\'re on the right track with this one. As you\'re one of the trailblazers in the field of ground breaking libraries, I\'m not really surprised that you\'re behind what appears to be a real price/performance and ease of use breakthrough. I can\'t wait to hear the demos!

    Best of luck


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    Seems a great library for a great price!

    I do wonder tho: how \'useless\' will my GOS Lite be compared to the GPO Strings? Or is GOS Lite still significantly better sounding (or more flexible, more articulations?) then the GPO strings?

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    This is so cool! It\'s incredible how much Gary has obviously managed to put into this package without having to charge high price for it.

    Gary, you are the man! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Originally posted by Garritan:
    A major feature of Personal Orchestra is its flexible instrument design. You\'ll be able to construct ensembles and sections of various sizes from specially programmed solo instruments. Gary Garritan
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Im a bit confused with this.

    Are there section samples/recordings included?


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    I would think this is limited to a minimal amount of articulations.

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    Originally posted by lex:
    Are there section samples/recordings included?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">For brass, woodwinds and smaller string ensembles, you make your own sections from multiple solo instruments. The exception is large string sections. Because there can be over twenty violin players, it would be more difficult to create a section from individual violinists (but we are diligently working on it for an upcoming release). Nevertheless, all other instrument groups do not have several of the same instrument playing the same note in unison, but individual solo instruments. For example, you would load in three solo oboe patches for an oboe ensemble, or five horn patches for a horn section, or three clarinet patches for a section, and so on. You even have the ability to create small intimate string ensembles as well as having the large sweeping string sections.

    The need for this feature was put forth in an Electronic Musician review of brass libraries last March. The author Rob Shrock stated the need more eloquently:

    I wish sample developers would address how brass sections are created in real life and give us that option. What we need more than unison ensemble samples are multiple “players.” For instance, a typical trumpet section consists of three players. When they play in unison you hear three distinct players on a single note. When they play a triad, you still hear three individual players, this time making up the chord with one player per note.

    If you play a triad with an ensemble brass sound, you suddenly get the sound of nine “players” (three players per note), which causes an unsatisfactory shift in timbre. Using multiple copies of a single solo instrument to play each note of a triad is a poor substitute because the ear can hear that the subtle differences between players are missing and the voices are identical and therefore unnatural. What\'s more, you can\'t shift between harmony and unisons because of phasing on the unisons. The solution is to give us multiple solo instruments (First, Second, Third, and so forth) for those of us who like to build up sections one instrument at a time ...Of course, that means a lot more work for the developers...For the most part, the lack of multiple individual solo players remains the biggest missing link in orchestral and ensemble simulations with samples.\"

    So, instead of providing blocks of unison notes with the same relative attacks, placements and intonations; you build your sections one instrument at a time. When you start building sections from individual instruments, with all the instruments playing in a different way, the result can be compelling. This is more akin to what real orchestras do.

    GPO gives you the ability to choose 1, 2, 3 or more of the same instrument playing separately or in unison. You can build a duo, or trio, quartet, an ensemble, or do divisi. Alternatively you can have fluid individual solo lines. You can load separate instruments on separate tracks. Or you can layer them on one track. With GPO the instruments in a section are not locked into position and you can pan the individual instruments into different seating arrangements. I believe this is a much more flexible and straightforward approach.
    Gary Garritan

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    Hi Garritan,

    Good new !!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    There will have a special price for GOS users or for \"GOS update helpers\" ? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Congratulation and nice new website,

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    Will the Personal Orchestra run on D.P. 3 with a VST wrapper? If not, you are saying it will run as a standalone on my Mac? How much ram will my Mac need?

    Thanks! I\'m excited about this approach.


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    Ok...I allways get confused by a lot of words..
    So let me see if I got this right.

    -No sections in unis are recorded except for the strings

    -There are up to 3 different versions of same solo instrument for section building?



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