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Topic: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

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    new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    Hi Gary, I\'ve got yet another question for you. Are the new GPO library and the new String Library Lite going to be compatible with Kontatkt 1.2 or are they only going to be compatible with the upcoming Kontakt 1.3 release and it\'s new file structure. I\'m using DP 3 and Kontakt 1.2 (mas) now and don\'t plan on upgrading either as they work well together and being a working composer I don\'t plan on upsetting the apple cart at this time.

    thanks for your time, Steve

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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    Well I\'m not Gary but....

    He stated in the announcemsnt thread that GPO will run in OSX as audio units. That means it will not work with OS9 \'cause there\'s no MAS version which means it is indeed Kontakt 1.3.

    The other thing to consider is that Kontakt 1.2.1 may work pretty well with DP3 but you can never have more than 16 midi channels. This is a deal breaker for me. (I use 1.2.1 w/DP3 right now)

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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    Hi, yeah I read the ad but it also stated that it could be imported into Kontakt \"NI\'s flagship...etc.\" I just wanted clarification as to which flagship, the 1.2.1 or the 1.3 version boat is what it can ride in. The whole OSX and AU scene is still too scary for me with deadlines looming on a weekly basis.

    thanks for the reply anyway, Steve

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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    Steve, since GPO also runs as a VST plugin, maybe it will work with DP3 and VST Wrapper. I\'m with you in not upsetting the apple cart.

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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    OK, just one more thing. You don\'t really have a choice with this configuration. It won\'t load into Kontakt 1.2.1 because it was created with 1.3. Non backwards compatibility is an attribute of Kontakt.

    VST wrapper is notoriously flakey so if your goal is to keep things stable that\'s not the way to go.

    (welcome to OSX)

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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    OSX and AU isn\'t so bad Steve. I just started making the switch. I set up my older G4 as a dual boot. I tried starting the transition this way. That way if I messed something up I wouldn\'t be down. I\'ve not had any problems, although certain AU plugs load very slowly. All in all I think OSX will be pretty cool.


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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    OSX---AU aaaaagh. Sorry about that. Okay, we\'ve deduced that GPO is Kontatkt 1.3 and therefore not for me right now. Back to the original question part two. What about GOS Lite-Kontakt version?
    By the way, thanks for the hopeful/optimistic thoughts concerning the future of OSX and AU. But until NI and MOTU take down their disclaimers about how feverishly they\'re trying to make AU work on something besides DP4.1 and ABSynth I think I\'ll hold off on my march into the brave new OSX world.

    thanks again to all of you for your thoughts, Steve

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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    I use DP3.11 and Kontakt 1.2.1 ( MAS ) too .
    I`m a user of Kontakt and very dissapointed about
    NI dumping MAS users [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    And as you wrote in the title , the new libraries that
    are going to be release for Kontakt in the future
    would all ( almost? ) be in 1.3 format ...


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    Re: new libraries and kontakt 1.2

    OS9 is a dead end. There\'s no point in developing for it. I use OS9 but I\'m certainly not going to buy any new tools for it. (although Altiverb for $99 is tempting- standalone box OS9)

    Kontakt 1.3 will be much better (OSX/AU, better DFD and more than 16 midi channels for DP)

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