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Topic: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

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    GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    Hey Folks -

    So, I am running GOS on Giga controlled by Logic 5.5 on the same machine. I want to stream the Giga outputs straight back into Logic, without having to patch it through audio hardware (which I don\'t have). That way, I can play/record my tracks simultaneously. Is there some utility (like Maple Tools is to MIDI) that will give me a \'virtual\' GSIF card that I can select as an output in Giga and an input in Logic?

    Thanks for your help!



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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    Hiya fanagiga,

    I do not think it is possible to stream directly from Giga to Logic without any hardware... On my old computer, which I use as my giga setup, I have an EgoSys GigaStation installed on it... The hardware controller allows me to cable GSIF outputs to ASIO inputs internally, so that it can appear in Logic as a streaming voice... However, the soundcard is output only so I will not be able to record... Maybe if you look at other EgoSys system (who may quite possibly use the same hardware controller as the one I have), you may be able to buy a relatively cheap soundcard that will enable you to connect the output from GSIF into an ASIO input into Logic??? Just a suggestion...

    Jun - aka meeehoon

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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    I have a Delta 410. I can do it through the MAudio control panel by asigning outputs to inputs. It is a virtual patchbay. It is based on the sound card driver.

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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    Hey, Thanks Meehoon and Jkerr -

    I am actually running Giga on a new 2.4 Ghz laptop with an Indigo card in it. Their virtual control panel doesn\'t seem to allow me to route my outs to an in, because the Indigo doesn\'t have ins. But I may try some of your solutions. Indigo doesn\'t work very well with Logic, so I\'m looking for something that is GSIF and has a true ASIO driver, too. Logic wraps its WDM in an ASIO, and it SUCKS (sounds like hail on a tin roof). I have to use MME, and the performance is awful. Still tweaking that one.



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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    There is a capture to wave feature in GS. All you would need to do then is import the resulting wave file into Logic. (No extra cables to purchase!) Any reason you wouldn\'t want to do it this way?


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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    Any reason you wouldn\'t want to do it this way?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">mmmm....because it\'s asinine?

    Sorry, couln\'t resist! What you are suggesting is a really time consuming and not very elegant work around. I hope that\'s not the way you do it bacause it pretty much doubles the amount of work that you would have to do to accomplish the same thing into a better integrated system.

    So what you guys are telling me is that Gigastudio doesn\'t have any sort of Rewire or VST way of going into Logic or any other sequencer on the same system?

    Shouldn\'t that tell you something?

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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?


    Thanks for the suggestion, but that sounds a little cumbersome. I am not that technically savvy, and I am also using EXS24. The ideal solution would be akin to a plug in.

    And hey, we\'re all trying to help each other out here, so let\'s not give each other a hard time when someone\'s trying to help out.

    Thanks to both of you...



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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    Actually, that is the way I do it. I was trying to figure out what was so asinine about my suggestion, and I am guessing it would have to do with how much you actually use GS. Yes, it would be terribly time consuming if you are running 64 different MIDI instruments and would have to record them one at a time. I currently do not have an extensive GS library, so I use maybe 2 to 4 instruments at the most - not as big a deal. I am (at the moment) more of a hobbyist also, so deadlines aren\'t an issue.

    No offense taken Midiphase.


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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?

    Originally posted by fanagiga:
    I am actually running Giga on a new 2.4 Ghz laptop with an Indigo card in it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Sell the Indigo, buy an EgoSys card. Get work done, sleep at night.

    P.S. Use the export to wave function in Giga. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS in Giga: stream into Logic?


    Can you comment on the the DirectWire technologythat comes with EgoSys cards .... does it really allow easy streaming of audio data from Giga to say Cubase ?

    Are there any latency problems ?

    Can it stream all of Giga\'s output channels separately ?

    Appreciate your thoughts.

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