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Topic: Question about Articulation Files

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    Question about Articulation Files

    I recently bought the Garritan Strings and I seem to be having a problem installing the updates.

    At the moment, I\'m trying to apply the Variability Articulations from the 17th CD, and it\'s telling me that the wave pools do not match. I\'m a little confused as to why I\'m getting these messages, since I didn\'t think there were any updates before these that were prerequisites. However, all of the articulation updates on CD\'s 17 and 18 have the same problem. I haven\'t even tried the two newest CD updates yet.

    Also, can anyone also explain to me what the \"U\" means in a file name like \"1st Violins Short Bows U.art\"? I couldn\'t find it anywhere in the documentation, although maybe I missed it. I\'m aware that \"MC\" means modified instrument, but I wasn\'t sure if the \"U\" had any significance that could explain my problem.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Question about Articulation Files


    It seems that there has been a break in the series of updates. Please email or call and I\'ll get you up and running.

    Gary Garritan

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