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Topic: My New Trumpet Test!

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    My New Trumpet Test!

    Well, I wanted to do a quick test of my new trumpet. I have been focusing a lot on strings and pianos these days, but I never did have a trumpet that ever pleased me. Today, I found the trumpet that pleases me.


    Libraries Used:
    - Chapman Trumpet
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings
    - Olympus Choir Elements



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    Re: My New Trumpet Test!

    Awesome sound! It reminds me of my CineBrass trumpet solo true legato. Just give some space in the lines so it seems as though your trumpet player is taking a breathe. BTW, I am a real life trumpet player, hehe. I got excited when I read the thread. Fun key also for the Bb trumpet, F# Major and my first note is a low C#. Haha, 2nd worst note on the trumpet, but hey I can handle it so go for it!

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    Re: My New Trumpet Test!

    Hey what was your chord progression btw? I actually have been playing my real trumpet to it!

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    Re: My New Trumpet Test!

    That is a really nice sounding trumpet, Richard. Very nice! I have been using the trumpet from EW Symphony Orchestra, but it doesn't sound quite as nice as this. Makes me wish I owned the full version of Kontakt and not just the player, but just not able to afford that right now. Oh, well.

    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

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    Re: My New Trumpet Test!

    Thanks Rodney and Gary for the listen.

    Heheh, yeah I kind of forgot that trumpet players need to breathe lol! So use to sequencing game-like music style. This is where I am illiterate (reading and writing music) so I am not quite sure lol. However, Sonar has a built in notation editor, I can probably print an image of that for you so you can identify the chord progression.

    Thanks Gary, I have indeed fallen in love with it. I have EWQLSO Silver which also has the same trumpet you have. It is my second favourite. I like the expressive patch, but it had no true legato, but for the time it was pretty good. I was considering buying the Vienna Trumpet, but I didn't want to fork out that kind of money, and it still didn't have that sound I wanted.



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    Re: My New Trumpet Test!

    Here you go Rodney. This is the screenshot of the notation.


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    Re: My New Trumpet Test!

    A commonly suggested tip is to hum the line that the instrument is playing, and if you find yourself needing to take a breath, then the player probably needs to breathe. Of course you'll have to work out where the breaths will be the least intrusive, (and instruments can vary in air demands too...) but at least you'll get a rough idea of the limit of how much you can do with one breath.
    -- Matt Wong

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