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Topic: Garritan Lite Expression

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    Garritan Lite Expression

    I\'ve just purchased the GOS Lite. I have Gigastudio 160 on a dedicated computer and Cubase SX as the master. I am unable to control expression within Gigastudio from my 88 key controller although I can activate keyswitching. What do I need to do?

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    Re: Garritan Lite Expression

    Make sure that your controller is sending the correct data. One way to check is to have MIDI-OX or some other data analysis tool that you can use to catch from the SX box and see that the right controller typed and value is coming through. Double and triple check that you have the correct instruments loaded (not all respond to EXP) and see if you have a controller offset issue.

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    Re: Garritan Lite Expression

    If midi is going from your controller, thru Cubase, and out to Giga, Cubase might be filtering CC data. I don\'t know how to turn it on or off in Cubase (since I don\'t use it), but that could be happening.

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