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Topic: Question/Suggestion for GOS/GPO Developers

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    Question/Suggestion for GOS/GPO Developers


    Question is for anyone in the \"loop\"(no pun intended) with regards to the development and beta testing of GOS/GPO (Gary, Tom, etc).

    Has anyone ever considered a video tutorial CD or DVD of the demos currently in audio form on the Garritan website for distribution to users which could visually demonstrate various techniques, integration within various sequencer and sampler engines, and the outstanding capabilities of the software? For me, something like this would be priceless as I learn the sampling process.

    Any thoughts?



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    Re: Question/Suggestion for GOS/GPO Developers


    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I would really like to do a video or multimedia demo for GPO. Although GPO is going to very easy to use, I could see how this will benefit users and perhaps make people even more comfortable with the library.

    Tom did a great job with the GOS Audio Demo. If we are lucky, maybe we can get his handsome mug for the video.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Question/Suggestion for GOS/GPO Developers


    I think this is an excellent idea!

    Since Dave Govett came out with that GIga Tutorial, I have had many clients purchasing it. In fact I throw their tutorial in when they purchase a System from me.

    I persoanlly have gone through the Giga Tutorial, and what I love about it is seeing the midi controllers in one view and the Giga Performace set up in another.

    I want to thank you for the great products that you have produced, thus far.

    I also work with educational institutions, and think GPO will be terrific.

    We spoke a few years, back and I think I saw you perform, at the Salem Art Fair one time performing with your Harp.

    Thanks for giving us a valuable tool to create endless Imagination.

    David Alamein

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    Re: Question/Suggestion for GOS/GPO Developers

    Gary or Z6,

    About GPO,

    Well I consider seriously this product. I use AO now and wonder if it would be a lot of manipulations to transfer pieces already done from AO to GPO. As you know maybee AO samples range of instruments are set in a special manner on the keyboard. It is something that could be mentionned in a Video ?

    And about, the articulations will I find the equivalence in GPO.

    And also about the future, could you elaborate a bit about the expansion of GPO.

    Sorry if my questions look \"amateur\", in fact it is what I am !


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