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Topic: feedback for garritan+sam horns piece

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    feedback for garritan+sam horns piece

    Hi folks,

    I made this very short clip using Garritan Lite strings and Sam horns:
    short clip

    I am an amateur and just do this stuff after work. Since I think I should have an idea as to what I am doing, or what might be terribly wrong with my music, I would appreciate any comments (if my piece is worth it at all) from experts on this group.


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    Re: feedback for garritan+sam horns piece

    Very nice.

    It came out rather quiet over my connection. I had to turn up the volume on both the windows media and my speaker. But then I can hear it.

    I am trying to reconcile in my mind the distingushing features of the \"sampled sound group\" here and the \"composers\" on Sibeliusmusic and Finale. I really, really enjoy reading the score while listening to music, but am plagued by poor playback sound as I surf the Sibeliusmusic site or venture into the Finale showcase. In great contrast, one hears gorgious sounds on this website (as yours is) but cannot read any music.

    Your piece sounds like, at first glance, \"film music.\" And a very nice sound indeed. It has movement. It has emotion. But it is a small piece, well... very small... and you don\'t go anywhere with it. That\'s okay, you did tell us that it was just a short clip.

    But very nice.

    I would love to be able to comment on the scores while I heard the music... I\'d get a better idea what the composer was trying to do.

    I am sure that you will get some more helpful comments from those experienced with sound librarys and music production.... something that I hope I can learn by this time next year.


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    Re: feedback for garritan+sam horns piece

    thanks so much. I did intend the film score\'ish sound, altho I am no classical composer either.

    I suppose the real test in composing is to be able to sustain thematic development in large movements. This is like the sky for me but I will keep looking up.

    I am envious of people who can read scores and hear the music, or atleast read them as fast as the music is playing. You then follow everything!


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