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Topic: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

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    Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    I just began using Sonar 3 and am wondering if the smple payer for GPO will function as a plug in for that environment. Has there been any experience with Sonar 3?

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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    Since GPO is based on the Kontakt engine, which is very stable in Sonar, I would imagine that it will work like a champ in Sonar 3.

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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    The Kontakt player in GPO will play as either a DXi or VST in Sonar 3.

    I\'ve been using Kontakt in Sonar 3 with the VST wrapper and it has been working quite well. There are some bugs in the DXi version of Kontakt such as the tempo change bug that screws up note lengths. Hopefully, the DXi version of the player has this bug fixed. If not, then you just use the VST version. I have not noticed any performance or memory usage differences between the 2 versions.

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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    Thanks to both of you for your helpful replies.I am currently running two PCs one with GS 96 and one with Sonar3. So far I am liking Sonar3. I just pre-ordered GPO and am hoping that it will allow me to get a more complete instrumentation. At this time I am only able to load (e.g) strings and part of the woodwinds into GS 96 before running out of memory.

    Thanks again, DavidM

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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    did you get a confirmation email yet by chance? I ordered mine last week and haven\'t gotten one, I just want to be sure everything is set...I can\'t wait, this is going to be BIG!!!

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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    No, I haven\'t received a confirmation by e-mail. I just placed my order online yesterday or the day before.


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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    dorme1 & DavidM,

    You should have received an automatic confirmation when you placed the order for GPO. Please email me and I will personally send you a confirmation.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Question RE: GPO and Sonar 3

    Garry, I ordered over the phone from you\"Better Half\" and also talked to you. I have not recieved a confirmation. Is this not necessary since we had that conversation? Regards EJ

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