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Topic: "Solo" instruments VS. instruments for ensembles.

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    "Solo" instruments VS. instruments for ensembles.

    Hi Gary, just another quick question for clarity....what exactly is the difference between the \"solo\" instuments listed on the GPO site, VS. the individual instruments for creating ensembles? For instance, \"solo B flat Clarinet\" VS. 3 Clarinets for ensembles. Are these all using different samples, or do they share samples? Are the \"solo\" instruments more expresive like an actual solist playing while the individual instruments are more generic sounding? Also, unrelated but....will the GPO Kontact player include micro tunning as on other Kontact player VSTi\'s? Sorry for all the questions, because I know you must be extremely busy, but if you have the time to answer these questions it is most appreciated. Thanks again!

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    Re: "Solo" instruments VS. instruments for ensembles.

    Hi, since I know that Gary is extremely busy, maybe one of the Beta testers can answer my questions? Thanks!

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    Re: "Solo" instruments VS. instruments for ensembles.

    The ensemble instruments do not share samples with each other, and can therefore be played together without any of the well known \'shared sample problems\', e.g. phasing. For some instruments, there are even two separate groups of ensemble instruments in GPO.

    The solo instruments are more detailed, as you surmised.

    The remarkable thing is that an ensemble created from separate GPO ensemble instruments, performed individually with slight human imperfections in timing and expression, is somehow much greater than the sum of its parts.

    Soon, very soon, likely, you will have a chance to hear this for yourself.

    I hope this answered your question.


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    Re: "Solo" instruments VS. instruments for ensembles.

    Thankyou very much Dnortana for answering my questions....looking very forward to getting my copy! In some ways this sounds and hopefully is simular to physical modeling in the sense of the \"playabillity\" aspect. Thanks again!

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