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Topic: 24/16 bit samples?

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    24/16 bit samples?

    Can anyone answer a quick question for me?
    Are the samples comprising the GOS or Personal orchestra 16 or 24 bit?
    Thanks very much !

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    Re: 24/16 bit samples?

    As far as I know they are both 16 bit (as Gigastudio can only load 16 bit, but Kontakt can load 24 bit). I assume Gary has recorded the Personal Orchestra in 24 bit (as he did with GOS) so as to make it \"future proof\". Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

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    Re: 24/16 bit samples?

    ok That\'s great to know if you are correct, that is, that Gary recorded them in 24 bit. It\'s up to me to find a way to load and reproduce them. I\'m using Giga160 but will need to look into the other you mention to attempt to record everything as 24 bit. If anyone else can shed any light, please do!

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    Re: 24/16 bit samples?

    Sorry Adrian, what I meant is that (with GOS) Gary recorded the strings in 24 bit 88.2khz and dithered down to 16 bit 44.1 khz. GOS is only available in Giga format (16 bit), but because of the original recording format/resolution has \"future proofed\" the library for when Gigastudio 3.0 comes out or to release a Kontakt version. I am not sure however about GPO. Again, someone correct me if I am wrong!

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    Re: 24/16 bit samples?

    Well can anyone still help with this?
    Are the GPO samples for Kontakt 24 bit?

    Thanks for the earlier replies. Much appreciated.

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    Re: 24/16 bit samples?

    The GPO samples are 16 bit. This was to keep the size down so a whole orchestra can be loaded into 1 GB of memory. Not sure if the samples were recorded at 24 bit though.

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