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Topic: Exciting times!!!!!!!

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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    Yeah, this is a great new exciting times, the only probably trying to decide which one to buy!

    I thought I was sure of what I was buying with GPO, until QL/EW comes out with the silver/gold edition, and in 2 days VSL is going to come up with something and then we all have to decide on what to buy.

    We should really make a poll on what everyone is going to buy once we see/hear all the demos that are going to be released by all 3 major companies.

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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    At the risk of being unpopular and politically incorrect, I would urge people to be cautious with the new QL Gold and Silver (particularly the Silver).

    The EW offerings seem like a knee-jerk reaction to Gary\'s announcement of an affordable and fully featured orchestral library.

    The important consideration to keep in mind is that GPO was specifically designed from the ground up to be this specific type of library. EWQL (and possibly VSL) were not. I really don\'t think that those guys would have ever offered a scaled down version for $250 in a million years had Gary not announced GPO.

    My point is that while GPO offers a complete product (there is no such thing as GPO Platinum), the EWQL Gold and Silver offer products that have had a considerable amount of material stripped out (which might have not meant to be) hence making them potentially not as useable (think of the ProSamples series).

    This is just my opinion of course, and I am speculating a lot, but I would urge people to be cautious with these latest offerings and hear demos and see instrument and articulation lists before getting \"pre-order\" crazy with the stuff.

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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    Put me down for GPO, I\'ve already pre-ordered and don\'t much care what the others are releasing. VSL has peaked my interest a little but I can\'t stand \'teasers\', so they\'ve lost me already. Mr. Garritan doesn\'t play around like that, he had a product, he told us about it, everyone loved it, everyone said they were going to order it, and now a lot of people are backing down.

    There\'s a lot of bad attitudes flying around on some of these threads about who\'s better than who, who did this first, who did that... just listen to the demos and make up your own mind. From what I can tell, GPO is still more complete and cheaper than what the other lib companies are trying to put out there after Mr. Garritan\'s announcment. I\'m in school now, work full-time and can\'t even really afford GPO with all of my other bills right now, so I am grateful that it was the first, sounds really good and is the cheapest.

    Thanks again Mr. Garritan, and to everyone else, please settle down, take a breath and relax (trust me, all this stuff that\'s happening this week, it\'s all for the better, be happy, enjoy this...)


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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    Midphase , have you thought that Gary might release a bigger version of GPO on near future? For me , it seems to be the same trand for all sample developers. Some , begin with the big thing and later release a smaller one , other is the contrary ; but all of them go to the same point. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    I\'m sorry, but I didn\'t think GPO had any weaknesses in strings and brass. It all sounded pretty great to me.

    As I said in another thread, I compared the GPO demos to recordings of real orchestras playing the same pieces and in a side by side comparison GPO held up great.

    I can\'t wait to have GPO loaded up and under my fingertips. That\'s when I\'ll REALLY know what it can do.

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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    I think both GPO and EWQLSO have each their own uses as they differ in \'character\'. In my opinion GPO sounds more \'classical\' (18th century) oriented, while EWQLSO is more romantic (19th century) and of course Hollywood oriented.
    GPO sounds less \'bombastic\' then EWQLSO which is very usefull as it seems that all the bigger libraries focus on the big hollywood sound.

    In short: you need both [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    I posted this on another thread because the philosophies behind the GPO and EWQLSO are quite different:

    There are definitely differences between Gary\'s approach and the EW approach. This library was built ground up to be a sketchpad type of orchestra for quick work and low RAM usage. Not from the scaled down approach.

    Most of GPO instruments are chromatically sampled. It looks like EW will not be according to a post from Nick Phoenix.

    GPO has ensemble building instruments. These will definitely help create chamber orchestras that don\'t need 3 woodwinds on unison parts or 4 trumpets (most Beethoven only used 2 horns and 2 trumpets). This will allow mockups for the not so full blown orchestration. I still see the EW library as more of a hollywood sound library (listen to the demos).

    GPO includes many instruments that I doubt will be in the EW Silver (although an instrument list has yet to be published and these instruments are not available in the platinum edition). GPO includes harpsichord, celeste, 2 different harps, muted brass, 3 different solo violins, solo viola, solo double basses, 2 different oboes, 2 different english horns, 2 different bassoons, Eb clarinet, bass flute, contrabass clarinet, 2 tubas, contrabass tuba. Plus you have all the extra ensemble maker sounds.

    Since details haven\'t been published on the progamming features it is hard to tell if it has Tom Hopkins type programming for ease of use.

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    Exciting times!!!!!!!

    With all of these new less expensive libraries coming out (GPO, EWQLSO, and maybe VSLO?!!!) it\'s makes me wonder how libraries like AO, Project Sam, Kirk Hunter, etc will be able to compete. Here we have full blown Orchestras for the same or less than an individual instrument. I don\'t mean to single out an individual but who would now buy Kirk Hunters strings for $1000 when they could get EWQLSO Gold for the same price. (And not have to mess around with GS!) It was only 4 years ago when I bought a Roland XP-80 with the ORCH 2 sound card and said to myself \"Finally great strings!!!\" Man, look at our choices now!!!!! So now I have an orchestra, a techno/rock/funk band and pretty much any other type of musical genre all living in my computer. Just gotta donwload some talent and watch out Mr. Zimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    I see 2 winners here.

    1. Consumers. The free marketplace is thriving in sampleworld and we\'re all going to benefit.

    2. Native Instruments. They seem to be licencing their Kompact sample player to everybody. Is Giga dead?


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    Re: Exciting times!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by Haydn:
    I posted this on another thread because the philosophies behind the GPO and EWQLSO are quite different:
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Agreed - I also posted to the same end on a related subject:

    Originally posted by Houston Haynes:
    </font><blockquote><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><hr /><font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Originally posted by Haydn:
    If you what the hollywood sound then get QLSO gold.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">OK - whatever. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] People here confuse instruments and ensembles with mixing and processing. The statement above is a good example.

    Remember that *every* orchestra starts from the stage perspective. You *can* take a well-staged orchestra and mix and master toward what is understood (or misunderstood) as \"the Hollywood sound\". However if you have instruments already pre-plumped for some constrained, pre-fabricted notion - then you are buying into a limitation that may not serve you later on.

    Picture a placement for \"source\" music. Think of Queen Elizabeth roaming the grounds of her gardens at some social function. Do you see the basso continuo in the background having a big, fat sound? NO. Why is that?

    Instruments with the \"film score distortion\" (yes Virginia, there is distortion in classical recording - it\'s called the proximity effect and compression - it\'s used unmercifully on certain instruments to make them \"warmer\') will leave most music supervisors cold when they\'re looking for period pieces. If you try to do the cue with one of these sample libraries with \"the Hollywood sound\", you\'re going to get passed over like the chief propellerhead going stag at the highschool prom.

    </font><ul type=\"square\">[*]<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Choose a musical instrument because it allows you to create music.</font>[*]<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Learn to record and mix for different environments and purposes.</font>[*]<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Think about how much mixing homework you really want a sample engineer to do on your behalf. Once it\'s in, it\'s very difficult to take out without giving the \"fakeness\" away at first blush.</font>[/list]<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I prefer to let the programmers elicit a musical potential from an individual sound and I\'ll take care of \"the Hollywood sound\" on my own. It\'s much easier to start with a small sound and take it in the direction of overblown John Williams as opposed to the other way around. </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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