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Topic: GOS alt instrument question

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    Re: GOS alt instrument question

    If you were programming inclined, you could take the 1st violin sus vib and call those \"Downbows\" while the 2nd violins would become the \"Upbows\". I suppose that you could program them in the same manner as the up/down alt instruments while retaining the multiple velocity layers. Technically this should work with Maestro Tools (although it\'s quite possible the the Maestro Tools ignore velocity information).

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    Re: GOS alt instrument question

    I would give Gary a call and ask him about the alt instruments. These may be using some special tricks to get more variety in the short bows that pushed Giga to its limit if I remember correctly.

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    GOS alt instrument question

    Hi...I know all the excitement around here is for the GPO...!...but I\'m happily wading through GOS, which I just purchased. I\'m a bit puzzled by the single velocity layer in the alt instruments. I want more variety of timbe and dynamic than the single layer allows. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how that might be accomplished? Unfortunately I assume there is only one velocity of upbow available. Am I missing something? I love the bowing variations. I just want more dynamics. I\'m sure there are various ways of accomplishing this...just wondering what others have done.



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    Re: GOS alt instrument question

    Well...on further examination I see that the upbow is in fact a different velocity layer of the same instrument...cleverly programmed to work with maestro tools etc. Is that right? So then I understand the single velocity limitation. Any workarounds that anyone is using?

    Thanks again.


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    Re: GOS alt instrument question

    What about the VAR instruments, they came in one of the updates and I think there is a tutorial to go with them.

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    Re: GOS alt instrument question


    Brian is right. The answer to your question is in the VAR short bows. First of all, the ALT instruments use 3 and 4 octave offset mapping, not velocity splits, to separate up and down bows. Maestrotools directs traffic to the proper octaves to accomplish the automatic alternation or specific choice of bow strokes through keyswitches. VAR adds the ability to include variability in attacks, intonation, timbre, and “rosin on the bow” brightness. There are two flavors of VAR which differ in their use of velocity. Careful application of the VAR instruments can virtually eliminate problems (like the “machine gun” effect) resulting from repeated samples, especially in fast passages. See the VAR tutorials for more information.


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    Re: GOS alt instrument question

    Thanks for the help everyone. The var patches aren\'t quite what I\'m looking for....but I\'ll get there. Yes, Tom, I understand what you are saying about the alt patches. What I meant was that the up bow samples seemed at quick glance to be an alternate (lower?) velocity layer taken from the main instrument....if that makes sense....layed out and distributed...with painstaking programming care... as you kindly explained. Anyway....what I am searching for is a way to add a bit of heft, bite, accent, extra weight....to these alt patches. Tom, I see what you mean about the var instruments but it\'s not quite what I\'m after. I guess I\'ll experiment with some xfade layers...may be a bit of work, given the layout of these alt instruments.

    I\'m babbling. Very glad to have this library,

    Thank you,

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