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Topic: GPO String section question

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    GPO String section question

    First of all, $249 for a very fine orchestral set is one heckuva deal--especially when compared to what I spent for AO, The Ultimate Orchestral Percussion Library & Symphony of Voices. Eep! It\'s on my shortlist for sure.

    Anyway, I\'m wondering if GPO includes string harmonics in the sample set. I really wouldn\'t classify it as an articulation--it\'s more of an effect than anything else.

    I\'ll probably save up the money (after getting it, of course [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) and pick up a copy of GOS if it doesn\'t.

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    Re: GPO String section question

    GPO doesn\'t include string harmonics although I imported them from GOS and reprogrammed it to work like the other GPO instruments.

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