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Topic: GPO and External Sampler?

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    GPO and External Sampler?

    Does anyone know if the GPO can be installed into an external sampler (Yamaha A5000 etc) to be played via a keyboard? Or is it only from within a PC? (In with case is it compatible with Digital Peformer running OS 10.3?)
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    Re: GPO and External Sampler?

    I think playing GPO in hardware sampler is possible, but it will be a very hard way.

    First of all, you have to convert GPO from Kontakt to whatever the format that your sampler can read.
    Currently, there is no sample conversion software which can do \"from Kontact\" conversion.
    So, you have to import individual wave to your sampler and make program, which is just a pain...

    DP 4 supports AU plugin, and with new version of Kontact which runs in OS X, you can use GPO in your setting.

    Hope this help.

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