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Topic: GPO: What's more important , RAM speed or amount?

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    GPO: What\'s more important , RAM speed or amount?

    If someone who beta tested GPO or who was involved in its development could help me out, I\'d appreciate it. I have decided to upgrade my Dell Dimension 8100 to run GPO prior to building a new computer. I have a 1.5 Ghz P4, 400 FSB on a Dell motherboard (I beleive its an intel i850 chipset). It only takes Rambus memory modules that must be installed in pairs. I have 256 MB of PC600 Rambus modules in the machine right now (two sticks of 128, with two slots open). This is not optimum, since the modules run slower (300 Mhz) than the bus speed (set in the BIOS at 100, but Dell says its \"quad pumped,\" so its really 400). As I understand this, the RAM and processor are communicating at 300 Mhz. Ideally, I would buy PC800 Rambus memory (which runs at 400 Mhz) to equal the 400 FSB speed, and would thus get more performance out of the machine. The problem is that Rambus is expensive, and I don\'t want to put more money into this computer than is absolutely necessary. The upgrade question I have is: does RAM amount matter more than RAM speed? I know that more RAM will allow me to store more samples, but will faster ram allow my processor to run more voices? Here are the options I\'m looking at:

    1. $262 for two 512MB PC600 chips, added to the 256 MB I already have, puts me at 1280 MB of PC600 Rambus (more RAM, but its slower);

    2. $320 for four 256 MB chips of PC800 chips puts me at 1024 MB of PC800 Rambus: (less RAM, but its faster - I have to dump the 256 MB of PC600 RAM in the machine, since if I keep it, the PC800 RAM runs at the slower PC600 speed);

    3. $176 for four 256 MB chips of PC600 chips puts me at 1024 MB of PC600 Rambus (a cost effective middle ground?)

    Which option would you choose? Is it more beneficial to have faster RAM to (theoretically) run more voices, or more RAM that is slower.

    Thanks in advance to all those that reply.

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    Re: GPO: What\'s more important , RAM speed or amount?

    Number 3 would probably your best option. The program may choke at the processor first although you should still be able to get over 100 stereo voices. Plugins such as Ambience may put you over the top on the CPU though.

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    Re: GPO: What\'s more important , RAM speed or amount?

    I\'d go with more RAM, #3, it\'s the cheapest route too.

    Maaaan... I remember when I first bought generic 4MB RAM costing $150 per stick! To be running 16MB back then was considered \"power user!\" and if you have 32MB, you\'re a rich boy.

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