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    I read that the GPO will work as a plug-in for Sibelius users given the correct driver. I use Sibelius 2.11 on Mac OS 10.3. I was going to upgrade to Sibelius 3, as it comes with its own \'Kontakt Player\' with orchestral presets, but then I found out about the GPO. My questions:
    1) What is this driver and where can I get it?
    2) Will the GPO show up in Sibelius\' \'Devices\' menu? Is that how it would work?
    3) Will the GPO work in Sibelius 2 or only Sibelius 3? In Panther or only Jaguar?
    4) Anyone have experience on which has better sounds:
    Sibelius 3\'s \'Kontakt Player (Silver/Gold\' or the GPO?

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    I don\'t own a Mac, but I own Sibelius. I had 2.11, and I\'ve upgraded to 3.0, both on the PC.

    I assume that GPO\'s Kontakt engine makes its MIDI ports available on the PC. (Someone correct me if my assumption is wrong.) So all one would need to do is to open Sibelius\' Devices dialog, and enable GPO. Then for any old score open the Substitute Devices dialog and select GPO.

    One item not available in Sibelius would be a description of what instruments are on what channels, banks and programs for GPO. You would have to set these by hand. If you\'re crafty you can copy and edit one of the existing sound set files (like for the JV-1080) to get the sounds right for GPO. (I did this for my PC-88.) It\'s not hard, but it\'s also not documented - Sibelius doesn\'t support that officially for 2.11. For 3.0, you can edit soundsets easily from within the Sibelius program.

    So, maybe no driver is needed. They\'re just talking about the soundset file. Without it you can just setup the sounds manually in the mixer.

    On the other hand, maybe you need FreeMidi or some other Mac unility to get it up and running. Maybe a Mac-head can give the details.

    Good luck.

    BTW, I don\'t use \"Silver\", but Sibelius 3.0 had enough new/improved features that I\'m glad I upgraded. I\'m hoping that they support MIDI envelopes in 4.0 though!

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