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Topic: GOS Lite *Bonus* Program

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    GOS Lite *Bonus* Program

    I know everybody is going crazy with the new GPO, but I just bought GOS Lite, paid for it Tuesday midnight, got shipped Wednesday, and it\'s in my hands Thursday at 10am! (Of course, I paid for Fedex next day delivery [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But thanks to Gary for very fast turnaround time getting my order out the door.

    I am *plesantly* surprised to find Translator in the GOS Lite package. This is like an $80 deal!... so it comes about to actually only paying $100 for the Garritan Strings 3-CD sample set!

    I can convert Akai and Giga source files to any other format. Thanks for this bonus Gary! I think this is one of the best deals in town... better than the Sam Horns stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GOS Lite *Bonus* Program


    I didn\'t get Translator with my GOS Lite purchase! I wonder why it\'s included?

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    Re: GOS Lite *Bonus* Program

    It\'s on disc #3.

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    Re: GOS Lite *Bonus* Program

    hey Owel, ya big tease.
    I went and dug out my discs to make sure I hadn\'t missed anything those many months ago. Sure nuff. Not there.

    oh well...

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    Re: GOS Lite *Bonus* Program

    I swear man.... check this out on the Garritan website.


    Free Special Edition of Chicken Sys

    ...and on the Chickensys website, there\'s the latest v2.9 Build 22 update that I used to update my Garritan Translator.


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