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Topic: GPO versus AO

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    GPO versus AO

    I am using now Siedlacheck\'s Advanced Orchestra - giga version.
    Is it worth ti buy GPO as well? Does it bring anything new (and better)?

    I don\'t need Kontact or Cubasis lite or any other \"perks\" in the package.


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    Re: GPO versus AO

    i guess for me its no question at all:

    GPO is better than AO. sure it\'s in your fingers at least what you do with the stuff, but i would say soundwise and also techniquewise GPO is no comparison to AO...

    by the way: you will need kontakt to run gpo. sure, cubasis is kind a perk [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] but i think gary will also support the guys who dont have a sequencer already...

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    Re: GPO versus AO

    Originally posted by Waywyn:
    by the way: you will need kontakt to run gpo. sure, cubasis is kind a perk [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] but i think gary will also support the guys who dont have a sequencer already...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Not quite sure I understand what you\'re saying here. GPO has a kontakt player built in, and cubasis is included for those who don\'t have a sequencer.

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    Re: GPO versus AO

    Just listening to the GPO demos will tell you that GPO stomps all over AO! I like AO and have used it since it first came out (I was one of the first purchasers in North America..I pre-ordered that one too!). I remember being so excited about AO as I thought of it like a very much detailed version of the original \"Orchestra\", but I wound up being nearly hugely dissapointed by the sound. It had very little of the realism of the tutti string and full orchestra sounds of the original. The brass was okay, and a couple woods, but the strings are soooooo lifeless! I also waited with baited breath for the \"UPGRADE \'97\" b.s., only to STILL be dissapointed again with the strings, though they were a slight improvement. The GPO strings come from the GOS lite collection. They are MILES beyond the AO strings! I don\'t mean to slam Peter Siedlaczak, I like him and respect what he has done, though I think he faired much much better when he was paired up with Scott Tibbs of Roland for their string sessions. I believe the Edirol HQ Orchestra was from the sessions that Scott Tibbs did in Europe with Siedlacak. If you think Edirol\'s orchestra is alot better than AO (and I think so!), then you\'re going to LOVE GPO!

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    Re: GPO versus AO

    Within a month of first getting AO I was searching for a strings alternative, as well as a brass alternative. AO did not match the mental picture I had for what I wanted to hear. I went with GOS Lite and, in my opinion, there was a huge improvement (have since upgraded to GOS full). I suspect you will feel similarly after trying GPO - I haven\'t heard it yet (soon), but I respect the opinions of the folks that have - these guys know strings.

    So, I am confident the strings will be very good. What I am waiting for is the chance to get my hands on the brass. AO let me down there too, and I bought Quantum Leap Brass, almost completely for one reason... the attacks. I felt like AO was brass in a burlap bag... push \'em as hard as you want, they still sound limp. QLB worked very well for me. I will be pleased if GPO is as good. If nothing else it will give me a few more flavors. Can\'t wait to see how Kontakt responds to attack control, especially in brass.

    The only thing I did not replace in AO is the winds, and I was wanting to. But about six months ago, I had a conversation with Gary - about what, I can\'t remember - and I mentioned this winds dilemma and that I was thinking about Dan Dean\'s winds. Gary mentioned that he was working on a project about which he could not comment, but that I should give it a look when it became public knowledge. Well, I waited [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] And I expect to have GPO in hand today... so, the thing I am MOST anticipating is playing with the winds. Again, attacks will be my concern.

    But I digress [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] . My bet is that you will end up finding GPO, in general, superior to AO. (BTW, can you believe how out of tune the timpani were in AO... yikes!) Add to that the more capable interface of Kontakt, versus GS, and I think we have a winner here.

    Cheers, Steve

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