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Topic: GPO Hard disk question

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    GPO Hard disk question

    I have a copy of GPO on order....

    Could anyone tell me how much space is going to be required for GPO/Kontakt etc on my system (C) drive ? I know the samples will use up to 2 GIG, presumably I can put them on another drive ? ( My C drive is getting rather full and I am wondering if I should do some partitioning before GPO arrives in preparation , but if it can all go on another drive I think I will be ok) .... Hadyn ? ...anyone else who has taken delivery ?

    Thanking you all in anticipation and hope you are having fun with your new GPO\'s...



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    Re: GPO Hard disk question

    ... that\'s Haydn, of course.... apologies Mr. Haydn - how could I misspell such a name on this forum, of all places ?!


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    Re: GPO Hard disk question

    The install wizard takes you through a few steps, which include installation of the various types of plug-in as well as a seperate step to place the location of the media/sample content. I was able to put that portion (about 1.8 GB) on my Giga/HALion library drive, and keep the standalone on my programs drive and the VST plug in my VSTplugs directory. Good stuff.

    I\'ve already found a minor bug in the Kontakt player, but it doesn\'t affect my work. I\'ve sent an email off to Garritan, and have checked the NI support boards. The cool thing about the registration process is you get to set up a support profile directly with NI, so you can download updates to their player directly from their site as well as the Garrita site. This is my first foray into embedded player technology, and things have a feel of being very well thought out.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO Hard disk question

    Thanks Houston,

    Hopefully I\'ll be ok then [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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