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Topic: What equipment?

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    What equipment?

    I record on a standalone HD recorder, and I use a Mac G4 dual 1.25ghz to master and burn CDs. But I want to start getting more into sequencing and using better strings. And the GPO sounds like a perfect choice. So what application do you suggest? I\'m thinking Logic6 or Digital Performer. Is one of these a better choice for the sequencer? And a lite version of Kontakt comes with the GPO. Is that good enough, or would the full Kontakt be a better sampler? I want to be able to use other samples as well (like drums), and some Native Instrument stuff. Any suggestions or advice (I hope).

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    Re: What equipment?

    You\'ll get as many opinions about Logic or DP as you get responses. Both are capable programs, both have their strengths and weaknesses. And, both are deep programs with a learning curve that equates to time investment, so you want to make an informed gamble at the outset. I suggest you join both user groups at www.yahoogroups.com (Logic and Motu-mac)and post your question there, as well as reading up on the types of issues that are currently on the users\' minds. Another possible contender is Cubase, but you didn\'t mention it ...

    An alternative would be to get started with a less complicated package. Metro SE is one. I recently tried out a sequencer called Tracktion from www.rawmaterialsoftware.com - free demo. Why not give it a whirl? I thought it\'s user interface was the simplest and most intuitive I\'ve ever seen, and it will play VST\'s (like the GPO Kontakt Player, and the bundled Ambience reverb plugin), and let you record and mix audio.

    Regarding the sample player, NI\'s Kontakt Player for GPO does a wonderful job of playing back Gary\'s library, and that\'s what it was intended for. If you\'ll be importing other libraries, and want access to all the filters and knobs for customizing a sampled instrument, or building your own instruments from samples, then the full Kontakt is your best best.

    Hope this helps,

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