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Topic: GPO and DP4

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    GPO and DP4

    I just got off the phone with Gary and he said GPO works best with Windows XP currently, but will still function in DP4 and OSX. He didn\'t elaborate on many specifics other than there are some CPU effiency issues, and some audio crackles which I already get with DP4. It sounds like it will work alright in OSX, but just not as well as in Windows XP at this point in time--as I understood him. Is there anyone using GPO with DP 4.11 and Panther that could share your experience? I also have a laptop with an AMD Athlon 2000 running XP. Would it be better to run GPO on the laptop and treat it like a standalone synth module? I actually ordered GPO today, but I just want to make sure I\'ll have success using it with DP.



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    Re: GPO and DP4

    Well I\'ve been using it with DP 4.11 for the last few days. It does work although there are a few issues which Gary and NI is aware of. They might even have them fixed before you get your copy. I haven\'t pushed it but I\'ve loaded up a dozen instruments with no snaps, crackles or pops.

    DP4 in general is very buggy. NI in OSX are generally very buggy. But everyone\'s working hard to straighten things out. I\'m afraid this is a rough transition and the only way to avoid the pain is to stay in OS9 for a while longer.


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    Re: GPO and DP4

    I\'d say move it to the pc. I moved mine onto my graphic workstation (G5 Dual 2G) and its working pretty good now. I\'m just learning orchestration so I don\'t need a lot.

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    Re: GPO and DP4

    rJames, I\'ve never had a PC hooked up to a Mac. Do you use the PC just as you would any other external synth? Right now I have a controller with MIDI in and out. Everything is softsynths. Would I take another MIDI out from my MOTU Fastlane into a MIDI interface on the PC and then audio out to my MOTU 828 when I want to record the audio? Hope that made sense. Thanks for the replies.


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    Re: GPO and DP4

    Sounds like you have it figured out. Midi out from the Mac into the PC. Audio out from the PC into your 828.
    Re MIDI in the PC - you\'ll need to be sure you have the correct PC MIDI input(s) routed into your GPO host.
    Re Audio from the PC to the Mac - you\'ll need to get the proper settings for clock master and slave, between the PC and the Mac. I run my Mac as Master, and run a word clock connection into my PC, setting it to slave.
    This is now an age old technique, for those of us who use GigaStudio, and it works well.


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    Re: GPO and DP4

    Thanks Trond. I\'m pretty clear on how this setup works, but I\'m unclear about using a wordclock. I understand the master/slave concept. Is the wordclock used so the two audio interfaces will sync up? Hopefully when I try this out it will be obvious. Thanks again for the info.


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    Re: GPO and DP4

    hmm.....I\'m just sitting here pondering the significance of having a giga setup to run GPO with a mac.

    I guess it makes sense if you have an extra PC lieing around and dont\' mind the cables/setup. Certainly it would take the load off your DAW mac. Just seems odd to me I guess considering the whole nature of the product.

    Ahwell, maybe it\'s just me. Anyway, I sure do hope NI can find some performance/efficiency with their mac products. Esp, since their player is catching on with developers more and more as a cross platform solution.

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    Re: GPO and DP4

    Here\'s the way I see it (not that anyone asked). At the end of the day there\'s probably never ever going to be a computer that will hold enough RAM, have big enough hard drives, and split enough resources over enough CPU\'s to make it impossible for musicians to push it to the max. With that understanding - I still have my giga PC right? (the answer is right). So why not tap into the CPU resources? It just makes sense. Now I\'m a serious Mac user and I hate windows, but I will admit the CPU alone is much cheaper if you build your own wintel machine. So I\'m expecting FX teleport to be ready for OS X soon (based on the FX teleport website, end of the year or first of next year). If that happens, we can start throwing together fairly cheap Wintel machines and only put money into the CPU, RAM, Hard drives and mobos. In other words, no expensive Audio cards, no Midi Interfaces, way less latency, and most importantly, we can opperate most of it from within OSX. I can see myself having 4 or 5 PCs in the next couple years doing all my plugin processing while my precious mac is only left to handle hard disk tasks.


    On another note, I\'m using OS 10.3 with Logic 6.3 and it\'s working quite well on my new G5 dual 2 ghz. I have 2.5 gigs of RAM as well. There\'s a HUGE difference in load time with Audio Unit plugins between OS 10.2 and 10.3. Glad this bug was finally fixed. I\'ve not ordered my DP4 updgrades yet. No one has wanted me to work on it so i\'ve held off. I can\'t say what the bugs are there.

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    Re: GPO and DP4

    Good points J.
    But, I would add, that in regards to audio/sampling, etc taking enormous resources that are pretty easy to max limits, it\'s all the more reason that the software should \"also\" be as efficient as possible to make the most use of the cpus/computers you are using (1,2 or 10) and the ram you have_how ever much that is for how every many machines you run.

    In that regard, the thing I was pondering the significance of in this particular case (NI based players), of adding a \"PC\" to your mac beyond the fact that you are spreading the load, is to get the software running on a platform that the software actually runs pretty well on. To put that another way, adding a 2nd mac that also ran the thing badly, wouldn\'t go very far towards solving the issue at hand.

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    Re: GPO and DP4

    Originally posted by agarner32:
    Thanks Trond. I\'m pretty clear on how this setup works, but I\'m unclear about using a wordclock. I understand the master/slave concept. Is the wordclock used so the two audio interfaces will sync up? Hopefully when I try this out it will be obvious. Thanks again for the info.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Aaron,
    Again you\'re right on. I mentioned wordclock and a BNC cable, as one possible sync solution. If you\'re using ADAT lightpipe to bus the audio back and forth, then you could sync up via the clock signal contained in the lightpipe itself (and forego the BNC cable) .. it all depends on the nature of your hardware.

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